WoW Classic – Druid PvP Guide

WoW Classic - Druid PvP Guide

5. Dueling tips against every class

Although they’re the nemesis of many
classes, Rogues must adapt their strategies to defeat their enemies without endangering
themselves. There’s no « typical » solution or rotation for Rogues,
it entirely depends on who you’re facing.

Against Warriors:

Warriors will make you sweat but you
can deal with them fairly easily with Formed’oursredoutable thanks
to its massive armor and Health gain. Don’t try to stay in melee, start by
kiting them with Sarments and Emprise de la natureEclatlunaire and Essaimd’insectes. If
you’re in trouble, throw in a Récupération then
resume the fight. Just be careful not to get attacked when in humanoid form:
the Warrior’s Interception could be
a big problem.

As with most classes, engineering
gives you a significant advantage when fighting a Warrior. Using items such as Grenade
en fer
 or Lance-filet automatique gnome to stun or root the
Warrior will help you keep a handle on the fight. Other items can also help
such as Charme des flots.

Against Hunters

Against Hunters you will want to
close the distance and stay in their dead zone (between 3 and 6m). Be aware of
the CD of Flèche de dispersion and Piègegivrant : they
will use this combo to gain some distance to damage you. To ensure victory,
figure out the Hunter’s spec because if he’s Beast Mastery he will have an
additional crowd control that can turn the tide of the fight.

One of your core abilities to deal with
your opponents is Charge farouche
which allows you to close the distance with the Hunter. If you get hit by a
trap, go into bear form to gain Health and armor and not take too much
damage.Beyond that, keep Eclatlunaire and Essaimd’insectes on
the Hunter and don’t forget his pet: you can kill it or control it with Hibernation. Careful if you attack the Hunter
in animal form: he can Fear you

Against Warlocks:

Warlocks are tough opponents because
of their many dots: CorruptionMalédictiond’agonie and
Immolate, but also instant burst spells such as Brûlure de l’ombre and Conflagration. Theyalso have severalcrowd control spells. Morevoer, you also need to deal with their summoned demon, notably
the Succubus and her Séduction. As a Druid you will need to whittle
them down with  Eclatlunaire and Essaimd’insectes, and
like against most casters, use Charge farouche and Sonner at the right times to interrupt
dangerous spells such as Peur and give you a chance to heal

Against Druids:

Like most mirror matchups in Classic
WoW, the result of this duel will be mainly down to your equipment and your
opponent’s, but also how reactive you are. Tip: If they start the fight in
animal form, don’t forget that you can use Hibernation and follow up with Feustellaire. Don’t forget the opponent can
also do that, so use Sonner and Charge farouche properly.

As with most classes, engineering gives you
a significant advantage when fighting another Druid. Items such as Grenade
en fer
  or Heaume-fuséegobelin  will
help you control the enemy druid and make a big difference. Other items such as
Charme des flots can also help.

Against Rogues:

Rogues have a whole arsenal to
control their opponents, notably Cécité, and can destroy
you quickly if they take you by surprise withPréparation. Luckily,
Druids can decurse their poisons (including blinds) with Abolir le poison. Better
than a decurse, this spell works for a duration, allowing you to regularly heal
from his attacks while remaining in animal form.

Your goal is straightfoward : avoid getting
stunlocked by Coup bas and Aiguillonperfide, else
you will end up saying /hi to the Soulkeeper, and counter him with. Lucioles will prevent the Rogue from
becoming invisible, and try keeping  Eclatlunaire and Essaimd’insectes active
on your target throughout the fight.Don’t forget to control the rogue with Sarments and/or Emprise de la nature to
give you some breathing room and heal yourself.

Against Mages:

Changing forms will be your best
asset against Mages, nullifying the effects of spells such as Nova de givre or Morsure de givre, but
also making you immune to Métamorphose in
animal form. Despite that, Mages are still a difficult target because they can
use Transfert to get out of
stuns and Bloc de glace to
delay and get out of difficult situations. Your goal is to find the right time
to interrupt their casting with Charge farouche.

As with most classes, engineering gives you
a significant advantage when fighting a Mage.Using items suchas Grenade en ferorHeaume-fusée gobelin will help you control the Mage and
canbe the differencebetweenvictory and death. Engineering
also allows you to use two trinkets that can reflect spells: Réflectoglacegyrogivre or Réflectoflamme hyper-radiant.

Against Paladins:

Paladins have many abilities with
long cooldowns that can will cripple them if they’re forced to use them too
early. The most annoying combo being Bénédiction de protection and
Holy Light, but be also aware of his Imposition des mains and Bouclierdivin. This matchup is likely to turn
into a battle of attrition where whoever has to waste too many resources will
lose. Unlike most melee specs, Paladins deal a lot of spell damage so your Formed’oursredoutable won’t
be as effective as usual. However, since they don’t have any ability beyond
Hammer of Justice to close the distance, you can try kiting them and damaging
them with Eclatlunaire and Essaimd’insectes.

Against Priests:

against priests can be awkward because they can dispell your buffs with Dissipation de la magie
and make you flee with Cri psychique, which has a fairly low
cooldown. If you’re fighting a Shadow Priest, be aware of their random crowd
controls with Blackout and of Silence. You will need to make decisions quickly:
it’s hard to survive against Shadow Priests because of their powerful toolkit. Try
to interrupt as many Attaquementale as
possible with Charge farouche and Sonner.

Against Shamans:

like Priests, can dispell your HoTs with Expiation. Shamans can also deal massive
damage even with low spellpower. The most dangerous combo is   Chaîned’éclairs + Rapidité de la nature + Eclair followed by Horion de terre. They
can also deal consistent damage with shocks that have a very low cooldown. Between Expiation and Horion
de terre
healingyourselfwillbe a problem. Charge farouche to
interrupt Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightning and keep running around the
Shaman to be in his back when he finishes his casts.

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