WoW Classic – Enhancement Shaman PvP Guide

WoW Classic - Enhancement Shaman PvP Guide

5. Duels

Whether in Battlegrounds, World PvP
or in front of Orgrimmar / Stormwind, 1v1 fights are commonplace.

This isn’t PvE, every fight is
unique and how they end will mainly depend on reflexes and mechanical skill
more than raw damage.

Enhancement Shamans MUST be
engineers. The class is highly dependent on Windfury RNG. Even if you’ve
mastered shaman, if you’re not getting procs, you will struggle. This is why
being as optimized as possible matters a lot: you make your own luck!

Against Hunters :

If engaged by a Hunter, use Loup fantôme to get
close and Horion de givre to
hopefully catch him. He will drain your mana: get rid of that effect with Guérison du poison.

Once in melee, forget Horion de givre and
drop Totem de lien terrestre.
Try staying in his dead zone to damage him with Horion de terre and Courroux naturel. Use Totem de Grâce aérienne and Totem Nova de feu if
you have enough mana to burst him down.

Tip : If he tries to feign death and
use Piège givrant, use Cloche des Barov / Petit dragon mécanique en mithril / Coq de combat gnome so your minions get hit by the
trap instead of you.

Engineers should use Heaume-fusée gobelin when your Health drops below 50%
to heal yourself and kill the Hunter’s pet. Don’t hesitate to use Grenade
en fer
 to catch him if he’s trying to kite you.

Against Warlocks :

Warlocks will most
often use Invocation
d’un marcheur du Vide
hey can sacrifice it to gain a massive shield. You can simply purge that
shield! If they’re using Invocation
d’un chasseur corrompu
, focus
on it before attacking the warlock so it can’t counter your heals.

When engaging a warlock, drop Totem de Glèbe
immediately because their first reflex will be using Voile mortel. Then, drop  Totem
de lien terrestre
, and use Horion
de terre
 against Fear.

If  a
warlock engages you: Totem de Séisme to
avoid a Fear effect and attempt to absorb Voile mortel with Totem de Glèbe or Réflectombre ultra-flash. Use Horion de givre to
get close and drop Totem guérisseur to
reduce the effectiveness of his DoTs.

Against Druids

Pretty balanced
matchup. You should try to kill the Druid as fast as
possible, the Druid’s strength will be in longer fights because of the strength
Rapidité de la nature,
HoTs and Innervation : be ready
to purge them and interrupt their healing spells

If you have Insigne de la Horde, keep it for when they change into
their bear form and use Sonner. Only use Totem de Glèbe against Sarments, if he attempts to run to heal
himself or flee.

Use Totem de lien terrestre as
a cheap slow to make him waste time and mana changing forms.

Against Warriors :

If a Warrior charges you, you’re in
trouble, he will have rage to damage you immediately, potentially killing you
in seconds if he crits.

Immediately use Totem
de Grâce aérienne
de Force de la Terre
 et Totem
Nova de feu
hope for good RNG. If
you have trinkets such Petit dragon mécanique en mithril along with Cloche des Barov / Coq de combat gnome, you have a good chance of being able
to take over the fight. Use Lance-filet automatique gnome + Totem de Séisme because
he’ll try to fear you to prevent you from running away. After that, cast Vague de soins inférieurs or Vague de soins if you have a lot of mana. Boomerang de Linken can come in handy if you have it in your bags,
while your other trinkets are on cooldown.

Against Mages :

Your nemesis :
they can sheep / root / slow / stun you : drive you crazy. That being said, despite all his control spells, if the mage isn’t
good, you’ll probably still win.

Always keep Totem de résistance au Givre
up, it’ll allow you to resist some Eclair de givre or even Nova de givre, which can be enough to turn the
fight around

Only use Horion de givre if
you have Totem de Glèbe or a
skilled mage will ruin your day.

Be smart with Insigne de la Horde. When he tries to root you with nova,
ascertain whether he already used his Blink. If he did, use Totem
de lien terrestre
ExpiationInsigne de la HordeCourroux
 and Horion
de terre
. If he’s not dead, he’ll have to Bloc de glace. Stay nearby and get out of
combot to eat and drink. As he gets out of his ice block, use Cloche des Barov + Totem incendiaire and
finish him off!

Potion de libre action is your best friend in this
fight. It’ll give you freedom to hit the mage a few times and hope for a WF
proc to kill him.

Engineers have once again major

Against Paladins :

Not unlike Warriors: mainly a melee
fight, purge his buffs, drop Totem de Grâce aérienne + Totem de Force de la Terre,
use Horion de terre to
counter his heals and Insigne de la Horde if he stuns you. A paladin with a
good weapon can do a lot of damage so be careful.

Against Priests :

purge his shields and always have Totem de Séisme up to break his Fears. Use  Horion de terre to counter Attaque mentale. Shadow Priests have Silence and
they’ll usually use it as you get low to prevent you from casting heals. Make sure you have a Potion
de soins majeure
 in case it happens, Réflectombre
 to reflect it and
en fer
 to allow you to cast a Vague de soins inférieurs.

Against Rogues:

This fight can take a while to
start; you need to wait for the Rogue to get out of Stealth (by design or by
force). Rogues need to use their opener to get ahead and stab you in the back.
After they’ve engaged, wait for Aiguillon perfide to
use Insigne de la Horde. If you don’t use it then, you’re
probably going to die. The best way
to deal with rogues is this:

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