wow classic leveling guide


When it comes to gaining experience in World of Warcraft: Classic, there really isn’t a one size fits all guide. Are you playing Alliance or Horde? What is your starting race? Class? Have you played before or are you completely new to this world?

This WoW Classic leveling guide will give you an overview as to how to level quickly in World of Warcraft, without bogging you down in details. In the few minutes it takes you to peruse this guide, you should gain some practical insight has to how to level efficiently in Azeroth.
Tip #1: Stockpile Quests
This tip might be obvious, but it’s crucial to your ability to level quickly. Most quests are clustered around a central hub, usually a town or some sort of outpost. When you come across one quest, be on the lookout for others and pick them up when you see them. Once you’ve started all the quests in an area, go out and start on the nearest one. Usually, you’ll find that you can complete multiple quests at once, as they all revolve around you collecting/killing something in the surrounding locations. Once a quest is complete, don’t go turn it in! Wait until you’ve completed multiple quests before you head back to town. This way, you can prevent yourself from backtracking. If done properly, you should be able to go town, pick up quests, leave town, complete ALL quests, then return to town to turn in ALL your quests. Only one trip needed. Additionally, be sure to use your Hearthstone as necessary to cut out some travel time.
Tip #2: Use the Auction House
A lot of new players tend to shy away from the Auction House (AH) because of its assumed complexity, but this is a big mistake. Even if it takes a few extra seconds to list your product on the AH as opposed to selling to a vendor, you’re missing out on easy cash. List your items on the AH and be sure to use that extra gold to buy the best equipment available to your class when needed. This will increase your DPS, increasing your time to kill, thus increasing your time to complete most quests.
Tip #3: Forget About Professions
Leveling professions can be a fun diversion from questing, but if you’re trying to speed level, then it’s best to push these to the wayside. Once you reach max level, you can come back and work on these skills, but in the meantime they will just slow you down. First Aid is the only exception to this rule, as it’s a crucial ability to level up in order to survive.
Tip #4: Dungeons
Just like the first tip in this guide, be sure to stockpile quests before heading into a Dungeon. These are very time consuming, but garner large experience boosts, so knocking them all out at once can save you hours of playtime.
Tip #5 Level Your Skills Properly
This tip is extremely complex based on your play style and class/race, but ultimately it comes down to leveling skills that speed up your questing time. This means skills that increase your movement speed, health regeneration, crits, or resources. Improve in these areas, and you’ll most likely level faster as well.
There you have it, five simple tips to help you level in World of Warcraft Classic. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be max level in no time.


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