WoW Classic – Mage PvP Guide

WoW Classic - Mage PvP Guide

6. Dueling as a mage

this part, hybrid classes will be considered to be playing their DPS spec. If
you’re fighting a healer, do as much damage as possible and hit a 10 second
lock counterspell when they try to heal themselves to finish them off. The
fight must be short or you’ll go oom before your opponents. Not much else to
say about this so we won’t get into more details.

mages want to follow their opponent’s movement: if they move back, move in and
vice versa. Mages are good at mobility and hindering their opponents’ mobility,
which should make you able to stay at the range you’re most comfortable with,
which should be short or medium in most cases.

part of the guide is about tips and specific gameplay elements you need to know
before fighting certain classes. Every duel is different so nothing is
guaranteed to work. Here are our dueling tips:

Against Shamans :

Shamans have many tools to counter Mages. They can dispell mages’
buffs and shields with Expiation, have a
« kick » with Horion de terre (used
at max rank or rank 1) with a low cooldown, and have Totem de Glèbe which
redirects spells to it until it’s destroyed.

will usually want to fight at mid-range against shamans. Don’t hesitate to use
rank 1 spells if Totem de Glèbe
is used so you don’t waste mana. Focus on instant spells since shamans will
interrupt most of your casts. Try to start the fight with a powerful cast after
sheeping them.

wary of Insigne de la Horde which
can remove polymorph, chill & freeze effects. Shatter combos with improved
Counterspell are the best way to deal with them. It means that Shamans will be
able to heal themselves shortly after however.

Against Hunters :

you’re both low-geared, hunters will have the advantage because Morsure de vipère will
devastate your small mana pool. This is why you want a short fight, and have to
play very offensively. Your goal is to stay close to Hunters, in their dead
zone where they can’t hit you. You can try to force him to Flèche de dispersion as
soon as possible, after which he will be helpless against shatter combos from
his dead zone. He can still use Feindre la mort however. Be ready to
click on his « corpse » and try the combo again if there is time.

The elemental and PoM
Pyro specs are more effective against Hunters at low gear levels because you
need the fight to be short so you don’t run out of mana. Ice Block must be used
offensively so you can stay on the hunter and not let him get in max range
(41m) or it will be difficult to win, especially in open world areas. If he
moves out of range, he can then keep his distance with Aspect du guépard and you will need to blink, use a trinket or
some feature of the environment to regain some control. It is important to
focus on instant spells and keep the Hunter slowed. Rank 1 Frostbolts are an
excellent choice here.

Against Warlocks :

will most likely be using their felhunter against you, in order to use Verrou magique,
their silence, and Dévorer la magie,
their dispell. Succubi are also a possibility for their charm effect, Séduction. In that case, avoid
long casts and focus on Scorch. Prevent them from casting Peur. You can use Ice Block
defensively (against a shadowbolt) or offensively if you’re feared or charmed.

Keep in mind that Ice
Block removes all DoTs. Against some opponents it can sometimes be okay to get
silenced so you can be free to cast for the rest of the fight. Ideally you want
your Scorch casts to be the ones interrupted. Warlocks have Drain de mana but, being a
channeled spec, it won’t be used as much as Hunters’ Morsure de vipère.

Against Druids :


Against Warriors :

hate Mages. Indeed, without their trinkets, racials or potions, Warriors are
very likely to lose the fight. If the Mage survives the initial engagement and
can maintain some distance and stay out of range of Interception he’ll be in good shape. Allonge arctique can increase
Frostbolt’s range to 36m. Use
Nova de givre after the Warrior’s Charge then move away or
sheep him to force the Interception. After he used that,
you can Transfert.

breaking the warrior’s mobility loop like this, you should win the fight easily
because he won’t be able to catch up with you. If things go wrong, Polymorph him.

can’t deal with sheep with their PvP trinkets. Some items can help Warriors
deal with this issue like a Helm allowing them to charge or a left-handed
weapon helping to deal with sheep, but early on they’re unlikely to have these

Against Mages :

duels are the summit of PvP complexity in WoW. At high level, these duels are
more strategic than reactive. Only practice will help. Here are some starter

the fight with Métamorphose isn’t necessarily
the best way to start the fight. It’s better to start the fight at short range
and use as many instant as you can, followed by a shatter + Counterspell combo.
Keep in mind that everything you use is available for your opponent to use. If
you use Counterspell for a shatter combo, you won’t get another for 30 seconds,
meaning the other mage will be free to cast.

Bloc de glace can be used to
prevent a shatter combo. This is why not getting your Frost spells locked is
important. The complexity of the duel will highly depend on your respective
skill levels. Remember that even if you’re a Frost mage, you want to use Brûlure, and Explosion des arcanes in order not to have your most important school
of magic locked out for 10 seconds. Transfert can be used to
break the opponent’s Ice Nova or to get behind him and cancel a cast.
Similarly, being in melee range and running behind the enemy mage as he’s
casting can cancel his cast, making him lose precious seconds.

Against Paladins :

Paladins’ main aces in the hole are Bouclier divin and Bénédiction de liberté.
Play for time when these spells are active. You don’t have Spellsteal (BC
spell) so you can’t remove Bénédiction
de liberté

which means it’s basically a built-in Potion
de libre action
It also synergizes with Poursuite
de la justice
means you’ll have trouble getting some distance. This is one of the rare
situations where Bloc de glace can be used to play
for time for its entire duration. Transfert must be used to
cancel Marteau
de la justice
.  Finally,
paladins won’t be able to use Divine Shield if you’ve interrupted one of their
casts. Be wary of fake casts however.

Without Bouclier divin and Bénédiction de liberté, the fight becomes even
easier than against warriors. Paladins don’t have any mobility or slows, at
most they can use the talent Repentir to gain some
ground or cast a heal. In this case you can use Ice Block offensively. This can
be enough to win the duel.  Finally, keep
in mind that Retribution Paladins have Oeil pour oeil which can be a big
problem if your health pool i slow.

Against Priests :

Priests are not mobile at all because they need to channel spells like Fouet
will mostly move to Cri psychique. Reactively Counterspell, preferably shadow spells. If you do that, the
priest has to get out Forme d’Ombre and can only heal
himself or use Châtiment.

Priests have Silence which can be
removed with Ice Block. Once they’ve used this, you can do shatter combos
freely. Keep the pressure up when the priest heals himself. Ideally, never stop
casting spells. Keep in mind that priests have Brûlure de mana. This spell isn’t as
strong as Hunters’ Morsure
de vipère
because it has a cast time. You’re more likely
to see this spell used in Battlegrounds than in duels.

Against Rogues :

A Rogue with no CDs is a dead rogue. This should be a long
fight however, and one of the most technical. Every duel is different but here
are some tips: Your goal is to force the Rogue to blow all his cooldowns,
leaving him helpless and out of options. Try staying at mid-range and using
instants immediately as they become available. If you’re panicking, use Explosion
des arcanes
Try using Blizzard or Explosion
des arcanes
 to get them out of
stealth. Use Transfert once the Rogue has
stunned you.

of some popular PvP videos, some rogues think it’s okay to eat and drink during
a duel. If they do that, use Ice Block to counter Cécité. Conversely, this is
often the first ability the rogue will use when you get out of Ice Block. You
can then use Morsure
de glace
reset its CD. You can also use Barrière
de glace
 and Bouclier
de mana
be more resilient, but you’re probably going to end up out of mana. In
battlegrounds, rogues usually won’t have all their CDs, making them significantly
less threatening. Try using Boule de feu if you can to DoT the
rogue so they can’t Disparition properly.

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