WoW Classic – Roll for Chest!! [TDP]


Our journey takes us deeper than ever before, deep into the caverns of twisty windy WHERE DO WE EVEN GO!?

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  1. preach, hoofstomp is a thing. and weapon procs are huge in vanilla. when you deal under 40 white swing damage you should take a minute and calculate. the item provides the same swing damage but can proc extra 35 damage. but your old man guts did't fail you. the mace is terrible slow and it's proc rate is a fucking joke. AND learning a new weapon class for a level 19 item is bananas. you will have a great time in classic. and if you ever joined a random TW l 70 or BT raid, you know these people will need you. god have mercy with our souls.

  2. Went wrong way. Supposed to go down not up!! Lol lol makes it sooooo much shorter! Also missed some grey mail shoulders that you were so close to picking up!!! Nice ring pick up!

  3. I am kind of disappointed that so many people still don't focus target lol.. already went through that hell in vanilla and TBC, was hoping people actually got a bit smarter on average.

  4. So fun to see people getting back into classic and misremembering everything. No Warstomp, thinking that Battleshout affects ranged attack power (that's Wrath), missing quest loot, not using shieldblock to force cheap revenge etc. So fun to watch and be a smug ex-player about it whose memory isn't tainted by pay 2 win microtransaction instant grat wow of today. 😀 😀 😀

  5. When you watch an entire 1:22 of someone else playing a lvl 20 run in classic rather than playing max lvl BFA, because it's more fun even just watching low lvl classic not even playing it. /roll

  6. I always rocked a dagger while tanking low-level dungeons, for the speed and improved rage generation. There is a good one from a quest reward in the Barrens.

  7. Battle stance for charge, swap to def stance, thunder clap to hit multiple targets (prevents healer getting immediate aggro) then use rend on off targets to help pump some aggro onto for very little.

    Watching you actually triggered both memories and me hahaha

  8. Ive figured it out…what has "spoiled" so much of the game for alot of players….its the BoA gear for alts…think about it! They took all of the effort out of leveling for players who have done it before…and for the newbies just starting off they see people leveling twice as fast with 3x the amount of damage pumped out and get discouraged. dont get me wrong i wouldnt want to live without BoAs but i miss putting on green shoulder pads and feeling like a boss…or a chest….or head…or a weapon….shit boas take alot of fun out of it

  9. You are not totally crazy about the bosses, IIRC Lady Anaconda has 3 or 4 different spawn points along the top bit where the escort quest is and Serpantis can either be on the way to the first boss if you go left at the start or near Skum or where he was in this video.

  10. I came in pretty late into wow so I never got to play classic, but the differences between everything I've seen these last couple of days from beta gameplay and comparing it to live. It's night and day, the games seem super different but I'm digging classic. I wish a lot more of these systems came back into the game

  11. A middle aged man with the voice of a teenager.. Yeah no i think ill skip this bullshit thank you very much youtube but i think your algorythms have thrown itself overboard your sinking ship


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