WoW Classic The Ultimate Leveling Addon: GuideLime


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  1. Do these guides tend to list order of importance when doing multiple quests, or does it just kind of pick whatever's closest? Wondering if, say, I just arrived in Westfall and I pick up some kill task quests and some collection quests. Will it tell me to pick up the most efficient time-to-xp quests, or will it just kind of say grab all of these in this area then go do them all, no particular order, then turn them in, move on to the next area?

    Also, does this add-on have the capability of importing data to inform how to progress? Like if I'm a druid duoing with a Hunter, will it take these factors into consideration when determining your leveling route?

  2. Your god damn fucking guides lost me endless fucking hours. U piece of fucking shit guides put them up somewhere where the sun dont shine. FUCK.. U ARE ONE OF THE FASTEST LEVELERS? LUL PLS man go play on Private servers fuckign noob and fucking noob guides

  3. This is THE WORST guide in the game. Hes saying he did 1-60 in less than 4 days he is full of shit. Dont waste your time with this guide. He has no idea how to consolidate his routes you will LITERALLY fly to 5 or 6 different zones PER LEVEL every level. most time spent on this guide is travel……its CRAP

  4. I was thinking of using this but the guide is not transparent and it covers an awful lot of the screen. As a not verys skilled player and a hunter I feel I NEED to see all around me even in the distance so I don't miss potential attackers & can get them while still distant from me – does it have a transparent option? I'd rather not have that much of my screen covered up.

  5. hey there, thanks a bunch guide! Plan on using it this addon. I really also love your UI. Tried to use the !addons command in your, but it didn't work. Are you willing to share what you've used and maybe how you've set it up?

  6. hi, awesome addon! Will definitely try. Would you mind me asking about the private classic server? I wish to test my UI and addons before release too. Thanks!


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