WoW Classic Vanilla: Bank Alts Guide Pt. 1 World Of Warcraft


Which city are you going to choose to settle in for your bank alt in Classic WoW? I know where I’ll be 😉
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There’s talk of a Classic wow beta soon and I’ll be making a video sometime soon discussing what they’ve done in the past and how we could expect to be a part of the classic wow beta or even alpha. Tell me your thoughts about it, will it be exclusive or free for anyone to join? I’d love to get some classic wow gameplay footage before release! The hype is alive again boisss!


  1. I would also recommend leveling the alt to 5 and learn enchanting so u also have the possibility to disenchant items and sell the dusts instead of the item itself. For some items it will increase ur income. ^^

  2. Bank alts typically don’t use the bank at all. Everything should be constantly listed on AH. And you need as big bags as possible. Best decision is the one with the Mailbox being closest to the AH. Something you haven’t covered

  3. Kinda ironic to call undead mules the most inefficient while they have both the best times for horde in your video. 🙂
    A better argument than just running from the bank to the AH would be taking into account the mailbox as well. In UC it's not directly by the bank compared to TB and OG, so it not as convenient, that would be the real reason to not go for UC for me.

  4. Another great vid mate but I have watched all your vids now, lol so hurry up and make more plz, more professions or maybe even a detailed thorium brotherhood rep tips vid would be much appreciated

  5. It's actually not bad at all, for your very first video 🙂 Pretty good editing, and funny as well. One suggestion though, maybe you can try turning up the volume for your voice next time, you have a great voice and the narration is pretty smooth, but volume's a little bit low compared to most videos, I have to listen very closely…

  6. Who’s hyped for classic WoW!? Stay tuned and see what I’ve got in store for guides and tips on how to prepare for Vanilla. Not only am I preparing myself, but looking for a community to play with! Leave a comment to stay in touch and get ready to pwn some Alliance 😉


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