WoW Dragonflight Talent Calculator Now Live

WoW Dragonflight Talent Calculator Now Live

Wowhead’s Dragonflight Talent Calculator

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, Blizzard announced the return of Talent Trees. So far, Blizzard has revealed the Death Knight and Druid prototype trees.

Based on this data, we’ve released our Dragonflight Talent Calculator for the known Talent Trees which will be updated with the other classes when we know more!

Dragonflight Talent Calculator


To fill out the Talent Calculator, simply Left Click on the talents you wish to select. If you make a mistake and select something you don’t want, Right Clicking that talent will unselect it . As Blizzard has mentioned there are a number of points for each tree for you to use.

  • 31 Class Points
  • 30 Spec Points

Lastly, in order to click a Talent starting on Row 5 or Row 8, you need a certain number of points already allocated in the tree. These are shown with the red lines.


When you’re done creating your Talent Build, you can share your talent build with your friends and communities with the link at the top of your screen! This special link will fill out the talent tree with the exact same talents, so you can discuss with your friends.

An example filled out Guardian Build can be found here.

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