WoW Gold Guide 8.1.5 – Make 150K Gold Daily (15-30 minutes ONLY)


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Hey guys and welcome to my wow gold guide tutorial for Wow BFA patch 8.1.
I felt very inclined to make this video since there isn’t any other videos on the method i discuss, I’ve been doing this secret method for the passed 4 years and this addon tycoon works like a charm for making HUGE amounts of Gold in the shortest period of time ever thanks to its simple and easy to use interface.
I highly recommend to not download free versions of this addon as they seem to usually contain trojans that can take over your computer over time.
Dynasty updates the addon every month to implement new algorithms so the addon never fails you. Theres no risk involved, i suggest trying it today.


Tycoon quick guide:

Auctions Module-
Items with a ‘green negative trend %’ means this item has been selling for a higher price in the past, and you can likely make profit by reselling it.

Example: If an item has a -100% trend and the item costs 1000 gold, it means that in the past this item has been seen on the market for an average of 2000 gold, and you can likely buy it for 1000 and resell it for 2000.

If the math is complicated, don’t worry, just click on the item it will tell you what it’s currently selling at, and what it usually sells at. That’s all you really need to know.

Auctions (Sell Button) scans for items in your bag and tells you which items can currently be sold on the market for higher than average, or lower than average prices.

Before using this feature, make sure to scan the Auction House using the Tycoon Scanner. This is going to get the current prices of all the items on the Auction House.

To keep things simple, when you look at the data you want to look for a positive green trend %. Example: If it says you have an item at +100%, it means that item is currently selling at a price 100% higher than usual. So if it usually sells at 10 gold, it’s currently selling for 20g. This means it’s a good time to sell!

If you have an item at -100%, that means the item is currently way under priced and you should hold on to the item until the market gets better.

Sometimes the trend doesn’t display anything. This is usually because the item is not currently up for sale on the Auction House and Tycoon can’t check it’s current price to perform calculations. Since this item isn’t up on the auction house, it can mean it’s a good time to sell because you have no competition and you can set the price. If you’re using The Undermine Journal you can determine a good price by hovering your mouse over the item and checking the “14 Day Price”. This will give you a solid average number. You can even try selling it for higher than that since there’s no competition.

“Cur. Value” tells you the average price the item is currently selling for per item. So if you have a stack of 100 materials and it says it’s Current Value is 10 gold, it means each item sells for 10 gold, it doesn’t mean the entire stack sells for 10 gold.

tells you how much gold you can make on average per hour in every instance.

gives you the costs to make every recipe if you purchased all the mats from the Auction House. Then it will check the value of the finished product to determine if it’s profitable. Then it will tell you how many recipes are profitable for each profession and the total amount of gold you could potentially make.

tells you how much gold you’ll make from gathering with mining and herbalism. It takes the average number of nodes found per hour in each zone, the amount of material found per node, and the current value of the material on the market and calculates it to determine how much gold per hour you can make.

Thanks guys, any questions leave a comment please.


  1. very different guide from the other yutube videos- the addon is slightly bugged like when i click on an item it highlights and doesntt unhighlight when i goto the next item, nothing major still having great results

  2. After downloading on their website and clicking the green download button, it downloads a folder with DynastyCore and DynastyTycoon. What is meant to be done after this to get the addon working?

  3. Will you also have a guide for retail Classic that goes live in roughly 3-5mths. Would make the Dynasty Suite even more attractive for players to buy if included

  4. i messaged tycoon asking why you have to pay for the addon and they told me that if it were free it wouldnt be as powerful because everyone would be using it. seems like a good investment but

  5. I plan on getting this addon iI was just wondering as to if I get it and download it how do I go about using it when I install it, I mean is it also just as easy after installing it and keeping it into an addons folder I can just use it from there?

  6. DAN THE MAN, awesome video! ever since i watched your video about a week ago i started off abit slow the first few days were kinda rough but i got the hang of it knowing what to chose for the auctions module now!, im now making more gold than i ever imagined thanks to you bro, subbed and liked! so happy! Thanks again aton bro helped so much!! <3 <3 <3

  7. Why are there so many downvotes on this video? This seems like a very useful addon… A lot more user-friendly than TSM. Is there a bulk way to post items? Only con I see to this addon

  8. this video are perfect you talk a bought step by step not like a quick quide abought what doudgeouns like allthe other streamers talk abought you made me sub to you and turnd on notificatios


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