WoW Level 120 BOOST: What Do You Get? WoW: Shadowlands Pre-Order Bonus


With World of Warcraft’s next expansion being announced, Shadowlands, you can now pre-order! With that, you get a whole bunch of goodies, and with the Heroic and Epic editions you receive a level 120 character boost.

People have a lot of questions about what happens when you boost, such as when it the boost available, what ilvl gear do you get, do you unlock flying etc etc. So in this video I outline exactly where you character will be at after applying the boost and what you will need to do next to advance them!

If you got a boost, which character did you boost? I boosted a priest, and now I regret it 🙁

Thanks for watching guys!



  1. I haven't played in about 8 years. Starting a brand new account. Thinking ill go Resto druid as my main. Leveling I always rolled Feral. Is that what I should choose to boost as if I'm going to be questing and worry about putting a resto set together later?

  2. Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone know what happens to an unused 120-boost once Shadowlands goes live? Does it automatically turn into a… lvl 50 boost? Or does it just dissappear (which I somehow doubt, but boy would that suck)?

  3. Thank you for the video. i have a question when it comes to the quest with a boosted level 120: i boosted my hunter to 120 on alliance side. it put me in the middle of Boralus Harbor with the quest for Mezzamere. i guess i can't go back and do The Battle for Lorderon, or BFA opening quests? also what about the normal BFA quest line, where do i start that at now just to explore all the areas and get my rep/professions up? thank you for any help in this.

  4. Thanks for the vid. Thumbs up. I don't know if this was said in the video (i was scrolling comments frequently) but how much exactly IS a 120 boost? I've heard it was $60 but I can't really find where it says that.

  5. I want to use my 120 boost on my lvl 27 character, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's better to do that on a trial character or not? I've read somewhere that the trial character gets more gold and bagspaces from the goodie bags that you can open once you've boosted it, but I can't find any conformation of that online. Hope someone can help me out!

    Loved the video btw! As we would say in Dutch: Kort maar krachtig! (which means something like: short but powerful!)

  6. I play Horde, but I want to unlock Void Elves and Lightforged, I missed all Legion.

    If I boost a character, how can I unlock legion quests with a boosted 120 toon?

    Where to start?

  7. Thanks for the video-is there any reason to save the 120 boost from buying the pre shadowlands expac at this point or just use it now to level a new toon? was thinking about dual doing balance and guardian on my druid, but the hassle of having two sets of gear is not something i don't want to do. I know the new levels will start at around 50 if i am reading things correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. this was a huge help to find and watch! I after like 6 years of not being able to play WoW am just now coming back to it after finally being able to get a pc and i've been considering pre-ordering the latest expansion and using the character boost just to hop back into things. so it's very nice to know what your actually getting and where you'll be at after the fact.

  9. Man even with a toon boost, this still sounds like labor!!! Those words that make me cringe like grind and work, oh and put your time in just make me go BLUHHHH. ( A stressful gasp; the opposite of sigh of relief. 2. Sign of stress given by a person, who is tangled or wrapped up in lots of work)…I understand that this is a core part of the game, It just burns me out. I have been doing it since the game 1st came out. Maybe I'm just getting OLD(er). This is the 3rd vis I watch of yours, they have all been great BTW 🙂

  10. I haven’t played since Legion, I just boosted my main to 120 but I can’t seem to find how to start the legendary cape quest. I watched your guide, among others and still am unable to start up the quest.

  11. I've level boosted a character to 120.I've been playing for about a month now and have not seen the legendary cloak quest. This is my first 120 character so all the quests are needing to be done for the first time at 120. Have I missed the quest giver? The achievement I am on at the moment is tides of vengeance. Someone please help.

    Great video thumbs-up


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