Wow Leveling Exploit Guide 1-110, 1-60, 60-80,80-90, 90-100,110-120 Fast Power Leveling BFA 8.0-8.1


This video is a complete and detailed guide to leveling exploits in World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth ( BFA )from 120, optimized for patch 8.01 through to 8.1 and beyond. The methods in this guide will allow you to significantly increase your leveling speed by as much as 400% (some are reporting taking 4 days of play time to level) though a 50-150% increase is more likely depending on the player’s initial skill level , commitment and flexibilitiy.

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0:00 introduction.
1:39 Items for speedy travel.
2:38 Character selection (v important counter-intuitive information).
3:17 1-15
4:51 Instant spawn farming mob reset method and op battle shout damage buff.(15-60)
7:46 Zombie instant respawn farm in the scarlet monastery. (20-60)
9:05 Blackrock Hold Instant Respawn farm. (15-60)
10:41 Redridge Mountains Bravo Zero Company semi-afk Farm. (15-60) ALLIANCE ONLY
12:00 John Awesome and Apothecary Lydon quest pets. (23-60) HORDE ONLY
12:45 Farmer army. (35-60) ALLIANCE ONLY
13:26 Orc Sea Dog army. (15-60) HORDE ONLY
13:51 Dungeon soloing.
14:51 Random Battlegrounds. (1-120)
16:50 Pet Battles. (1-90)
18:47 Magister’s Terrace Shattered Sun NPC Glitching. (68-80)
20:21 Dungeon boosting (Auchindoun). 60-80
21:01 Enlsaving Auchenai crypts mobs with OP group-wide protection aura. (63-80) (requires DK in group
23:26 Ring Of Blood/ Ampitheatre of Anguish. (64+)
24:16 Farming Demon Hunters on the Black Temple. (60-80)
25:53 OP Battle Shout and farming MOP dungeons.
28:53 Skipping Draenor introductory scenario.
29:30 Draenor special ability cooldown reset method.
30:50 Goren Farming cave in Frostfire Ridge.
31:37 Legion Overpowered buffs.
33:29 Legion Leveling.
34:12 Levelling in BFA. (110-120 )


  1. for the scarlet monastery method i’d recommend standing to the left of where he stood after going to all camps of mobs so then all mobs will run to you, if your rotation of aoe damage and self healing is simple you can get a program to spam those keybinds

  2. I quested my first char in Bfa and I can say its boring. Took me three days (not actual playtime) from 110 to 120. The questlines are boring. The quests that are not just "go there, kill 20 and come back" are rare but its not worth it. I rather do a few assaults, exploration, gathering herbs and minerals, occasional rare. Even if questing seems efficient its totally boring.

  3. Can, in fact, confirm that pet battle + Elixir of Ancient Knowledge is an extremely fast way to level through the 60-80 bracket for anyone who still has some. the benefit with pet battles if you don't waste time running around from zone to zone. On my DK I did 70-80 in around an hour with this trick. Thanks!

  4. If blizz stopped selling level boosts and started selling xp boosts instead I would throw my money at them because 1-100 for the 8th time is as entertaining as watching paint dry

  5. Best thing to do is have a 2nd PC running WoW all day, use Effervescent Glowflies which you can find in Vale, and just spam your attack buttons all day with a free hand/foot. Dunno if a macro would get you banned.

  6. I am quite new to WoW and have a question or two pertaining to the Scarlet Monastery method. How does the LLP enter the dungeon? Are you able to right click on the dungeon eye and "enter instance" or does the LLP need to enter the instance manually?

  7. When was the XP nerfed? Because a few months back I leveld a void-elf hunter (meaning I already started at 20), had full heirlooms, 24/7 dungeon queue and questing through appropiate zones during dungeon-downtime. Also, before doing this I looked up "fast leveling guides" and most stated that this is more or less the most efficient strategy if you are solo and it should take like 48 hours /played.

    When I reached lvl 56~ I typed in /played and was already on like 30+ hours, there was no afking, the 30+ hours were pure questing and dungeon-running. So either I missed something of great importance or it was already nerfed and I looked at outdated guides, cause (remember starting level was 20) 36 level ups in 30+ hours were far from the "Max lvl in 2 days /played".

    Currently not really playing WoW because I got burned out of my main (fire mage) and leveling, as amazing as azeroth is, is just boring to the point most toons I try to force myself to level up end up getting to 30-50. There are some entertaining quests, like controlling the little raptor and escaping from the troll-compound (forgot the names), but it feels like 99 out of 100 quests are either "Bring this item to this guy" with a followup quest to bring another item back to the first guy or "Go to the other end of the continent to kill 1 pig and return here".

    So my question is, (maybe it was answered in this video and I just missed it) how long is the current 1-110? (Yes, 110, I didn't do any BFA yet because, as I said, have no motivation to play my fire mage.)
    What's the minimum /played when using the most optimal leveling gear(heirlooms, potions etc.) + the most optimal leveling strategy?

    Blizz made leveling slower in an attempt to make it harder, but many (if not all) say, that it didn't make it harder, just more boring and tedious. I actually disagree to some extent, it actually IS harder to level a new char now. Why? Because it is very hard to find the motivation to level a new char after the xp nerfs.

  8. I tried the class trial monk method at Blackrock Stronghold, but my class trial and leveling alt always end up on different shards of the realm so we can't see each other, any way to fix this?

  9. I think the solo party portal thing was fixed. i tried it, it worked one time. shortly after i was randomly disconnected for no reason. reloaded my client. logged back in fine. tried to do it several times tweaking different things like timing and sequencing, and it still doesn't work for me.

  10. So from doing alot of Trail and Error you can afk your character and gain 40+ levels! 23- 63 is the best for this. After 63 the xp greatly lowers. Takes roughly about 14 hours for the 40 levels but thats afk! Heres what to do.

    In Scarlet Monastery kill the elites like you said with a max lvl character and complete the dungeon. Completing the dungeon will make the Elites NOT respawn so make sure you do that. Then make a group on the max level character and have your leveling character join it.

    Download an auto keyboard presser or mouse clicker program. Config the presser to spam an AOE ability. Agro all 6 spawners go to center and your set. Do this while sleeping or going to work is an excellent way of afking to get levels.

    You only really need to worry about surviving the constant onslaught of zombies. Make sure you have the Heirloom trinket that yields 2% hp per kill that helps alot.

    Hope this helps folks! This work for me on my Druid, Monk and Warrior.

  11. Why not make a class with a tank spec. Use heirloom and tank dungeons for leveling. Instant que. Would in my opinion be way faster and less effort taken by loggin in other characters and blah blah blah?

  12. The trial character portal to Broken Isles works, but hearthstone requires level 90, so that’s a bummer. But can still make the inn my hearth. I did this with some alts in MoP, getting them to the Shrine while they were low level.


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