WoW Patch 8.3 Spoilers & Next Expansion Leaks | World of Warcraft Shadowlands Confirmed?


More Leaks & Spoilers has been floating on the internet.
I’m assembling them all and taking a look at them.
Spoils about Sylvanas, Anduin & Shadowlands.

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  1. None of it matters if class design continues to be trash, which it has been ever since BC ended and they began "Bring the player not the class' design philosophy in Wrath. Homogenizing all the classes was terrible.

    Neat story wise but at the end of the day a game needs a good game to be played. And samey classes that are all based on spamming buttons every gcd and having a bunch of cooldowns on every class for everysituation is just boring.

  2. That screenshot of the Shadowlands has been floating around the internet for an extremely long time. not only that, but not a single leak in the past for WoW, unless datamined, has ever been real.

  3. Have you recognized the faces on the flaggs? I´m not sure – it could be Sylvanas or Tyrande.. Or am i wrong?
    Btw – nice voice. when i listened to your clip i was kinda relaxed 😉 Sounds great shy
    Let me / us know, if you found out new things ´bout 9.0 or any other leaks 🙂

  4. News are out that one of the 3 leaks are actually true when it comes to the 9.0 …. If this is true, the story looks to be going in a direction I do not care to follow.

  5. So.. Depending on your faction, your leader dies? Or they both die in the end? Because I don't see how, going off your faction, only one leader can die and it doesn't cause it to split into two different stories because of it. You can't have one leader die in one story and the other die in a different story, and have the whole thing work in the end.

  6. With the number of so called spoilers, not believing anything til I see it, but honestly, gotta love the idea of a Stormwind raid. And I'd love to both fight Nathanos and see Genn die. But this sounds WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the top


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