WoW Shadowlands Gameplay


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  1. so they are doing the exact same mistake of doing a adventure mode for 3d so you can slay with hardest enemies at level 10 lol come on. there is a reason why you go slay pigs first and then demons…. jatta jatta… thats the roleplaying model dont do this again ffs

  2. I really hope blizzard is watching and learning. Instead of a constant new grind every expansion and patch. Why not add content that people want to play all the time. Like pets.. or put the hearth stone game you like so much IN WoW . Pulling up a table and playing with someone in game. Make it a social experience again. No one speaks in this game anymore.

  3. I was the one solely responsible for the idea & implementation of artifact weapons years ago being implemented from an in-game logfile from Brookuno in the help menu section when it was rumored blizzard for WoW was nearing its end cause nobody had any ideas to continue it. I have an idea for 3 more solid classes that have been with blizzard for a while already, one of them being the oldest in theme but I don't know who to talk to.

  4. how can you be tired of her if the last two expansions are the only ones where she gets light? I’m glad they are being more active with her even though the stories wack to me

  5. 4:15 No, it's literally just the same old turd with a fresh coat of paint, the only difference this time is a level squish. Truly, WoW 2.0 would be a fundamentally different game, starting fresh from level 1, just set in the same universe.

  6. What's with the crappy graphics. U have to pay for this game and they don't bother to create a new engine. Maybe 4k is a good idea? It isnt like they don't have the money for it… They just keep adding another expac every year, with a new theme and some small changes. Maybe u should put your shaulders into it and provide people with some actuall experience related to this decade and the next.


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