WoW Shadowlands Is Actually SO INSANE!! – WoW Shadowlands Gameplay & ALL Updates


WoW Shadowlands Is Actually SO INSANE!! – WoW Shadowlands Gameplay & ALL Updates. An Overview of the new expansion’s features and details!

Gameplay footage from: &
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer:
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Features Overview:

Classic WoW:
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  1. Ummm you are showing nothing about the actual game. Lets put the hype Train to a Hard break. We have nothing to actually explain what this expansion is About. Also have we allready forgotten the scandals?

  2. what i don't get is if you have a toon that is lets say 100 what level does he go to and where is his questing area? If you start a new toon do you just level slower to get through all the quest lines?

  3. Lol hot damn, this guy had almost 50k subscribers and he can’t even title a video right, for that matter lies in his title and puts “gameplay” for more views? Whaaaat a pieeeeecccceeee of shiiiiiiiit lol

  4. I dont get it, Sylvanas want to realese Death int Azeroth? or want to kill the Death in Shadowlands? If that so, all of we are gona be inmortals? =O


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