WoW Speed Leveling: Lvl 1-120 (Non-Monk/Solo/BFA) – 34:07:31 Part 1


The start of the longest journey I’ve ever done o.o (1-65) — Watch live at

Update 2 – This is no longer the WR. I did another run on April 12th that beat this by a whopping 12 hours!

Update – Holy moly so many people! Since I’m getting a lot of people lookin, I want to mention a few things:

— The reasoning for the mailing at the start is due to the rule set at the time. This required the timer to be started on the character BEFORE any other action could be taken
— Part 2 can be found here and Part 3 here
— This was before I found out I had to have my mic facing upwards, so my mic was essentially pointed right at my keyboard. My bad on that 😛


  1. Hey, I quit wow about 10 months ago. And I just quickly went trough your video, but on my level 1 and 10 twinks I always used: Iron Boot Flask. Also when leveling. It is a toy that puts a costume for 10 minutes (1 hour CD) and it has a small chance to inflict 150-200 dmg to an enemy when being attacked. Not sure if this helps a lot but I think it saves a bit in the earlier levels.

  2. how the hell did you one shot all those murlock in the beggining only with Shadow word pain? what gear is that and where can i get it?

  3. I have a lvl 45 warrior and it's my first time playing through the game 😅 how do you get surrounds by like 7 enemies and take no damage. I get smacked.

  4. The sounds of your keyboard, you eating chips and opening a can of something, and your noisy little brother, makes this video hilarious!

  5. This is a cheating from the start. With all the stuff sent by mail … Fukkn fraud and not real speed leveling. A 10 year old child could do it tthis way …

  6. I'm kinda curious as to why you didn't make any mouseover macros. It seems like if you were to make one for you Shadow Word: Pain you could aggro stuff faster.

  7. Are there other people in your world or are you on a private server or something? I would imagine runs aren’t consistent with other players killing mobs and stuff.

  8. of course a great way to boost your experience is to wear heirloom gear – most players who play a lot have probably acquired these pieces for all their characters (cloth, leather, mail & plate pieces for head, shoulder, chest, legs & back) which adds up to 45% more experience. (there are a couple rings you can get as well which add a few more % but they are more difficult & time consuming to get and I never got those myself). So it is definitely recommended that you do this to speed up your leveling.


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