WoW: The 200,000 Gold Super Secret Chest | Shadowlands Goldmaking


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  1. If you play druid then with Dreamwalk that location is really close to the Duskwood portal, so you can literally get a druid there in a few seconds. If like me you have druids on different realms it's really easy to check the location between switching dungeons without burning a heartstone cooldown

  2. Making a lot of gold is about quantity and variety of items. Transmog is a really slow seller on my realm. Mats sell better but it’s also about not always undercutting the next guy. My time is worth more than some of the prices people sell stuff at. Studen’s methods work. It’s about consistency.

  3. hey studen, could you add these mobs to the book, instead of making videos for everyone to get them? just a thought

  4. Population is so low on my server that Shadowlands mats are mostly selling for 1-2g each, except for super rare ones like some herbs. My last batch of leather, five stacks of 200 didn't even sell.

  5. Ugh had it drop when i was messing around with a new toon on the role-playing server argent dawn or something. Thought it looked trash and vendored it now i find out its worth loads ffs

  6. I'm making a lost of all these Rares to kill. I'll add it to my list of Raids to run and not get the mount drops 🙂

  7. Been watching these videos and I have been farming some instances which were promoted on this channel. Nothing sells. It doesn't work. I even undercut prices but still nothing.

  8. Actually didn't know there was a murloc called slark in wow. I guess that's where they got the name for the dota hero. I will try this out today, happy Easter man.


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