WoW TSM 4 Beginners Guide – Part 3 – Professions – Crafting Operations & Shopping


My guide to getting started with Trade Skill Master 4 (TSM4) for World of Warcraft. Here I talk through setting up simple posting operations and how you might use the two most common market price sources.

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  1. I don't know why, but I can't understand this TSM. When I open my Leatherworking tab, I can't see any of those profit prices. Nothing showing there. Am I missing something?

  2. I have an issue about restock. When i use my restock TSM group, it sets up my crafts on all enchanters characters, even if i ignored all characters (except the one interested) in the crafting operations.
    Because of that, my TSM task list is fucked up cause it tells me to log on my other enchant character to buy the mats missing.
    Could you help me out ?

  3. Been trying to get into TSM, but I was always overwhelmed. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

  4. Hey so I am following along at least I think I am but when I used the operation to post one (using the new AH) it said there was one beyond my maximum price so it was posting it at Max. okay sure but it was posting it about 2.6k gold when the only one posted was going for 16k gold (the Normal price according to TSM) in terms of crafting so I was wondering why some operations make it so it'll say in the profession things are worth over 10k when the auctioning using only crafting as a source is putting it much much lower?

    Edit: Nvm after a small instant headache decided to mess with the numbers a bit for the Auctioning operation to match what TSM was pulling for how much it was worth (Probably due to the cost to make it being so low) and needless to say it got to some crazy %s to get it to match

  5. I'm sorry to ask, but I have a problem. My tsm shows daily profit -900k. Even tho, I know I have started with 170k and right now I have posted auchions for 300k + on all alts. So Bassicly it must say I have earned profit +300k. But it says red. could u please help me @Samadan, and how do I change minus profit into green? so I can actually see how much I made daily profit? or point which video I have to watch carefully and which time, since I could not find anything. Thanks . Maybe screenshot will help u.

  6. Just trying to test out selling crafted items with some potions in Alchemy. I set the minimum price to 110% crafting, however when I try to post it says that it is invalid. Any clue why this could be happening?

  7. Hello Samadan. I learned a lot while watching your TSM videos. I have setup operations for materials, pets, transmog, crafting. Can you provide show us some method for mounts and dropped greens, blue and purple items? 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  8. Why would you want Averagebuy on shopping? Wouldn’t something like DBMarket be more useful?

    Reason being is if you only ever buy at your Avebuy or lower, you’d be able to buy less and less mats each time you shopped, unless the market was crashing

  9. Thank you so much for breaking this down in super easy terms and videos that I can easily digest. I've watched a lot of TSM videos but this is the first one that made it all click. Keep upt eh great work!!!

  10. Hey sam Would you still use AvgBuy for wow classic in settings – Custom Sources? since the prices are kinda unstable? I dont know what to do. When I " restock selected groups" I see a huge profit on items but when i come to AH the price of the items reguired to craft is WAY above the avgbuy. so if i auto buy with the TSM task list it feels like im gonna lose a ton of gold

  11. Why only 5 at a time? I have tons of gems in my bags and I wanna get rid of them… I don't understand why I should auction only 5 stacks of 1 at a time. :/

  12. In classic, I have an issue with the "profit" lane in the crafting window…
    since im not trying to craft things to post on the ah directly (items), because i dont know the rate of which they sell and thus might lose gold on deposits, i would like to setup the crafting window to have profits calculated as selling the crafts to vendor (or further DE), and then i hope i can specify in the crafting windows (or elsewhere) that i will only ever buy a craft mat for a certain price (and never really at ah prices)… so is that doable?

  13. I hope your around for this one. I am not a math person lol I set my min just like yours at "110% crafting" and when I run the post scan it tells me it is invalid and to check my setting. I'm lost.. pls help?

  14. Just a quick question if I want to set the operation min to 110% crafting. I use a bank alt toon on another account that doesn't have any professions. How do I use crafting as my min when I dont have crafting on that toon atm it just comes back as invalid min price. Thanks for the help

  15. Really appreciate your vids. Gave me the courage to take on the beast we call TSM4. Quick thing, Do you keep "Cancel undercut auctions" / "Cancel to repost higher" checked as yes on the Canceling tab? Not sure if I should or not. Thank you

  16. When i buy something cheaper, i dont know what the original value nor how to sell it at that value, because whenever i try to sell the item it puts it up for minimal value.
    Pls help

  17. Ok I’m trying to undercut everyone for my stuff and even when there are other auctions for same item it will post at normal price. I’ve tried with and without ignore item variation

  18. Great guide, but I'm having trouble using those values with TSM4. It won't let me post the auction a (110% crafting) as it doesnt work, and all I get is error/invalid.

    Could somebody help me understand? I cannot sell the flasks I made.

  19. I am using the default settings for Shopping and all the % is 0. I thought they were underpriced and was going to flip them but then realized that I was buying at marketprice. Do you know why the % is 0?

  20. just saying… you and shey.. both made pretty awful mistakes.. your putting in min(avgbuy for crafting.. I was wondering why it was acting like I was making so much gold.. when you do that.. its estimating values of matts.. which was very.. very. incorrect. Going off what I have figured out, it shouldn't say min, it should say first(dbminbuyout,

    After sitting here mind fucked all day watching your videos and sheys.. I realized that both of you made the same mistake.. after changing this, my profits were much more realistic because of the increase/decrease in matts.

  21. Hi Samadan, well done! I've watched all the TSM playlist, very helpful. I just have one question, maybe I missed you explaining it in the videos. How can I set a price for Expulsom/Bloods of Sargeras? Could you please point out which video it was in if I've missed it? Or just explain how to do it? Thanks mate, I appreciate the effort you've put into all these videos.


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