WoW Wednesday: The Mounts of 8.2

WoW Wednesday: The Mounts of 8.2

With the Rise of Azshara and the unveiling of Nazjatar comes a slew of new, unique, and unlockable mounts for players to collect. While some share skeletons with older mount types and systems, most are built off of new model riggings. This week we thought we would give you a written step by step guide to all 29 new mounts from Nazjatar and Mechagon. Some may be more difficult to obtain than others, but all will help contribute to your totals for those elusive mount achievements, including Lord of the Reins.

Wonderful Wings

Now that Patch 8.2 has gone live, Pathfinder Part 2 is finally available. Much like the Pathfinder systems from Legion, Pathfinder Part 2 is a two-part achievement series to unlock flying in the expansion. Part One will require you to hit Revered with all starting Battle for Azeroth factions, explore both Kul Tiras and Zandalar, and complete your level 110 to 120 storylines in all three zones along with certain steps in the War Campaign. With it, Players gain a large speed increase while mounted.

Part 2, thankfully, is far more forgiving. Like Part One, it requires you to completely explore both Nazjatar and Mechagon, as well as hit Revered with both the Rustbolt Resistance and your native Nazjatar faction. As revered is required for several class’ Heart of Azeroth essences, this is a particularly good grind to prioritize for the multiple rewards. Upon completing Pathfinder Part 2 not only will you unlock flying in Battle for Azeroth zones, but you will also receive the Wonderwing 2.0 mount.

“Don’t ask what happened to the first one — Mechagon Technology is still Gnome technology!”

Shops, Shops, Shops

Despite player distaste across the board, there are several new mounts currently available in Blizzard Store promotions.

The first, the Sylverian Dreamer, was available with a World of Warcraft’s 6-month subscription promotion last month, but is still currently available in the store for $25 USD. Based on the old Netherwing Drake model rig, the Sylverian is an absolutely beautiful mount with a soft radiant effect across its wings.

Tied to the 15th Anniversary Collector’s Editions, the Alabaster Thunderwing and Alabaster Stormtalon mounts are now also available in the Blizzard Store for the Horde and Alliance factions respectively. While both are packaged together for $25 USD, only one mount is available per faction. With no word in sight on if the Physical Collector’s pre-orders (which somehow impossibly sold out in 5 minutes the first time) will be restocked prior to the 15th anniversary. This may be the only way to enjoy one of the rewards outside of paying an additional $300 on Ebay to one of several scalpers.

“[She] fell asleep on her brush, and dreamed of painting a beautiful feathered dragon. Her artwork lept from the page, and when she awoke, she found it sleeping gently beside her.”

Old Factions, New Looks

With some disquiet about a lack of Paragon mounts in Patch 8.1, Blizzard has introduced several new mount variants that have appeared in Battle for Azeroth’s older factions. For the Horde, the Voldunai, Zandalari Empire and Talanji’s Expedition have new Pterrodax mounts based on the flight master’s mounts in the zone, with the Spectral Terrorwing being a completely unique ghost-mount. For the Alliance, the Order of Embers, Proudmoore Admiralty and Storm’s Wake all have new Epic Gryphons for you, based on the flight master’s mounts in the zone. All have armor relatively colored to their faction, making them excellent selections for roleplayers. Each mount costs 90’000 gold in-game, but faction discounts apply; by exalted you’ll only be paying one-tenth the amount.

Carved Out in Combat

Numerous Player vs. Player rewards have returned with Battle for Azeroth Season 3, dubbed ‘Notorious.’ The first, and the one most rated PvP players will achieve, is the Vicious War Basilisk mount. While shared account-wide, it possesses unique armor designs for each faction, matching plate armor designs from Season 1. Progression in achieving this mount, as well as subsequent Vicious Saddles, is based on personal rating progression throughout the season. Winning matches with 1400 rating or higher will fill certain amounts of your mount bar; 2v2 Arena Wins will fill 0.5% of your bar, 3v3 Arena Wins 1% and Rated Battleground will fill roughly 3%.

“Its breath is worse than its bite.”

For those looking to achieve the more prestigious Gladiator titles, this season’s Gladiator mount is the Notorious Gladiator’s Proto-Drake, an indigo monstrosity clad in full battle plate. Those looking to claim the vicious beast by the end of the season will need to win 50 3v3 Arena matches with a rating of 2400 or higher. Successful players will earn the Gladiator title as well as this limited time mount.

Those participating in the War Mode version of the Battle for Nazjatar will be able to collect the Inkscale Deepseeker, and all black hippocampus mount. While participating, players will earn Nazjatar Battle Commendations which can be turned in at the zone’s PvP vendor for various rewards. 150 commendations will earn you this aquatic war-steed.

Additionally there is an Onyx War Hyena mount available for collection. While it’s source is from ‘Rated RBG or Arena Victories’ it is yet unknown as to HOW exactly one receives this black beast.

Mechanically Mechagon

Mechagon features a slew of wide and varied mounts to collect throughout the zone, from reputation rewards to rare mob drops and long storyline quests.

Upon reaching Exalted, players can purchase the Rustbolt Resistor, an incredibly expensive flying mount that flies through the power of ELECTROMAGNETIC LEVITATION (at least if you believe those weird Mechagnomes). It shares a model with another mount, Aerial Unit R-21/X, which drops from King Mechagon in the Operation: Mechagon instance.

The Scrapforged Mechaspider is a mount that can be made through the Shop Project quest chain in Rustbolt, Mechagon. The questline takes roughly 15 days of daily quests to complete, but rewards reputation with the Resistance throughout. This mount shares a model with two other mounts, including the Mechagon Peacekeeper which is dropped by the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit in the Operation: Mechagon instance and the Rusty Mechanocrawler which drops from several rare creatures in Mechagon.

“You built this yourself, you should be proud!… Even though its smoky, sparky, and loud.”

The Model W is an achievement mount, based on completing a slew of questing, exploration, tinkering, and zone participation achievements across Mechagon. Completing the necessary achievements can be done in as little as a week, earning you several titles along the way. The Model W shares a model with the Junkheap Drifter, a rusted monocycle that drops exclusively from Rustfeather in Mechagon.

The last mount, the X-995 Mechanocat, is a uniquely rare mount in that it’s not made by professions. Instead it is produced rather easily through Mechagon’s tinkering system, built from various spare parts you’ll collect across the island. After unlocking it for their collection, players can also find 8 different color palettes to paint over their cat from Fel Mint Green to Big Ol’ Bronze. Unlocking all eight will complete the achievement Available in All Eight Colors, unlocking access to a rare 9th paint job.

“The X-995 is the ultimate in customizeable feline robo-companionship… It even comes in red!”

Knee-Deep in Nazjatar

With N’zoth’s plans in full swing, the deep recesses of Nazjatar have finally opened up to players. Collectors will be able to find a slew of new and exotic mounts across the board.

Players hitting exalted with their native Nazjatar faction will be able to sail away on one of two new Waveray mounts. The Horde will unlock the Unshackled Waveray, while the Alliance unlock the Ankoan Waveray. Both mounts are based off of the new Mana Ray rigging, but unlocking one does not unlock the other for the opposite faction. Instead if you want both you will need to grind to exalted on both factions. There is no word yet on whether or not this is working as intended.

The Waverays share models with the Silent Glider, which drops from Soundless in Nazjatar, and the Azshari Bloatray which is awarded from the Glory of the Eternal Raider meta-achievement.

The Snapdragon Kelpstalker and Deepcoral Snapdragon are both awarded through bodyguard companion quests. For the Horde, Neri Sharpfin will offer up her pet Kelpstalker after she hits Rank 20. For the Alliance, Hunter Akana will award you his Deepcoral Snapdragon after hitting Rank 20 as well. Unlocking a mount on one faction will award the mount on the other faction as well. These mounts share a model with the Royal Snapdragon, Battle for Azeroth’s only paragon-reward from the Nazjatar factions.

“When a snapdragon bites you, the worry isn’t about the bite itself, but the poison that will begin to eat away at the wound.”

The Crimson Tidestallion mount is unique, as not only is it an upgrade from previous Deep-Sea Seahorse mounts, but its acquisition is rather strange. During your introductory questline, you will help to rescue Mrrl, a wounded Murloc found in Dragon’s Teeth Basin. After it makes it to your new Nazjatar base, Mrrl will unlock a Murloc Trading game with five of its friends.

On particular days, Murloco will have secret things which can be bought. Equipping an Azsh’iri Stormsurger Cape, awarded from the Benthic Cloak tokens, will allow you to see these secret items. Every day there is a chance one of them will be the Crimson Tidestallion mount, which has appeared three times since launch on the EU servers. From there, you’ll have to participate in the Murloc trading game to collect the tokens you need to purchase it, including Hungry Herald’s Taco. This item is sold my Murloco, a rare encounter in the center of Nazjatar. Found in a cave, Murloco infrequently spawns surrounded by Naga guards. Freeing him and equipping your Azsh’iri Stormsurger Cape will allow you to purchase a Taco for your mount consumption.

The Crimson Tidestallion shares a model with the Inkscale Deepseeker and Fabious, a mount that requires you to take a S.E.L.F.I.E. of the rare mob of the same name while it briefly spawns in Nazjatar.

“The blood-red coloration of these creatures is ideal for hiding in large coral formations.”

The last mount, the Snapback Scuttler, is a brand new crab mount that features a unique side-walking animation. It is awarded through the Undersea Usurper meta-achievement, completed by participating in rare mob spawns, storyline progression, exploration, world quests, daily quests, and more. This mount, and its adjoining title ‘of the Deeps,’ will take roughly 3 months to complete, due to the requirement of all three faction bodyguards hitting level 30.

Adventuring Awards

Two additional mounts are available through some creative questing and dungeoneering in Patch 8.2. One of the more anticipated mounts, the Giant Honeybee, has not yet been introduced into the game. However, like the below mount, its planned to be a faction exclusive quest mount that will be introduced in Patch 8.2.5, tied to the beekeepers in Stormsong Valley.

The Child of Torcali is Warcraft’s first pure green Direhorn mount. Horde players adventuring in Zuldazar may come across the Warbeast Kraal in the jungle. Completing the involved questline, How to Train your Direhorn, will allow you to grow and train your own cute mount from hatchling to warbeast. Complete the quest and ride it away!

The last mount, the Xillywag ATV, is absolutely a machine made in the effigy of a certain monopolic Trade Prince. A unique hovercraft mount, the ATV, is both a ground and flying mount. Crafting it requires components made by two different professions; a Super-Charged engine, made by engineers, and a Monelite Reinforced Chassis, created by blacksmiths. These items are not soulbound, meaning any player may obtain them to make the mount. The recipes for both parts drop from K.U.J.O., the particularly Kingly boss in Operation: Mechagon.

Like the X-995 Mechanocat, the Xiwyllag ATV can be painted several colors if you find the paint bottles on Mechagon. Unlike the Mechanocat, the ATV can only be painted three colors, particularly Electric Blue, Goblin Green, and Nukular Red.

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