Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 136 | Shadowlands Vendor Flips & The Real Price of the Longboi

Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 136 | Shadowlands Vendor Flips & The Real Price of the Longboi

WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Hello! Welcome to the 136th edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

My name is Samadan and I am a content creator focusing on making gold using Professions and TSM. I have a number of guides over on YouTube and I also stream my adventures on Twitch.

Shadowlands Vendor Flips

We did some very interesting testing this week with the latest build of Shadowlands. With the changes to character levels and equipment levels across the board, it was a good time to look at existing vendor flips and see what has happened to the prices. What is a vendor flip? Well, it’s about gathering or buying materials for a cheap price and then converting them into another item to sell to a vendor for more.

NB: I tested this with the prices shown on the tooltip on various Alliance characters.

However, this is not the whole picture! With the addition of Relics of the Past it is possible to boost the item level of a crafted bit of gear up to 100 which will also affect the vendor price. There are also a lot of crafted items from old expansions that now are at item level 100 such as Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Felweave Trousers which has a vendor price of and takes 8 x Bolt of Wind Wool Cloth to make.

With the possibility of upgrading items to item level 100 from old expansions, many of which have set bonuses and sockets, the possibilities of bringing in sets of twink gear could be very interesting.

What does this all mean? It brings a whole new dimension to old world crafts and what we know will be shaken up completely and opens up exiting new opportunities to be found! Existing raw gold farms and vendor flips look like they may be less viable, until we find new ones.

Optional Reagents seem to also have changed a lot in the latest build…

No longer can we apply or make Craftman’s Pouch or Alchemst’s Pouch or any of the others that gave extra little bonuses to gear. This is such a shame as I thought it brought a lot of inter-connectivity between professions. You can still buy them from the vendor in Oribos, but I can’t find any gear that allows you to put it on and they have been removed from the profession list.

It seems to be limited to just item level and secondary stats now. I will report back once I find out any more information.

The Real Price of the Longboi

u/Whiskers shared a very personal tale this week discussing the effects of burnout when striving for a goal such as the longboi.

When I started my journey, as I’m sure not so few people did, it was out of a sense of panicked desperation. I play the game I would say somewhat casually. I enjoy most things in the game, among them collecting mounts (289 and climbing!) When I first heard the mount was being taken away I was filled with anxiety at it’s quick to come exclusivity. I had always imagined I would buy it in shadowlands. At first I ignored it, convinced I wouldn’t make that much gold. But I was inspired by my peers to make an attempt and so I did.

I poured all my time into it for close to a month before burnout started to set in.

In retrospect, I could have been more efficient but I try not to beat myself up since I was, and am new to this. I put in as much research as I could. My sources like many others consisted of WTBgold, KrakenLatte, and Studen on the YouTube side, and then anywhere from wowhead to wowproffessions to figure out farming routes. And of course, this subreddit.

It felt like every time I started to give up, a video would come out or I would read a post saying ‘You can do it! It’s not too late!’ and they were right, I could. It wasn’t too late. But the Longboi was taking its toll on me and that brings me to the realization I had.

5,000,000 gold is an enormous amount of gold. Don’t ever let anyone say it isn’t. And to your average player, or even somewhat adept gold farmer the cost of the Longboi isn’t just 5 million gold.

The cost is hours, days, months of stress. Messed up sleep schedules and not sleeping well when you do. Days upon days of hard work, research, real genuine effort. We see people who make 5 million in a month, a week, and we think ‘how is that anywhere near achievable?’ But it is, you can get there. We can all get there.

To anyone who has earned their Longboi, whether through months of grinding raw gold, or a month on the AH, Congratulations! You earned it, and I and many others know you worked for where you are now.

My only hope is that even if one person out there is struggling with similar or even worse feelings they can read this and maybe it will help them. Either way I just needed to clear the air for myself. Thanks for reading if you did, and remember:

Time is money, friends.

This is a very important message here to look after you mental well-being even if that means accepting that something is beyond your reach right now and taking that choice to preserve yourself. The comments that followed were very supportive and understanding and goes further to highlight to take stock what is important. World of Warcraft is a wonderful game that connects so many people around the world. If as a game if it causes stress and anxiety, then the best thing is to step away and take stock as many of the responses showed…

I just started playing again this month after taking a year off, and I originally wanted to try and grind my way to the Longboi. This week I decided it just wasn’t worth it. The amount of time I’d have to spend doing stuff I don’t find super fun just wasn’t worth it in order to hit the 5 mill in time.

I realized I’m fine with just waiting til Shadowlands to try and really get into the swing of making gold and saving up for one from the black market.

I switched my goals from the daunting 5 mill to just making enough for WoW tokens every month, and I’ve gotta say it felt like a giant burden was lifted off my shoulders. This is a game, and it’s supposed to be fun.

Comp Stomp This Week

This week sees the return of Comp Stomp – The AI controlled PVP Battleground. It’s a really good way to collect some Marks of Honor. These are currently used for BfA PVP crafted gear ranks and also can be exchanged for old sets. We don’t know if this currency is going to be used in Shadowlands yet. There is a PVP vendor that sells armour for Conquest and Shadowlands PVP Honor.

Upcoming Realm Connections

Realm connections are starting to happen this week with both US and EU realms announced ..

For US on 4th August ..

During a scheduled maintenance period (currently planned for 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, August 4), the following realm connections will be made:

  • The Drak’thul and Skywall realms will join the Silvermoon and Mok’Nathal realms.
  • The Cairne and Perenolde realms will join the Cenarius realm.
  • The Grizzly Hills and Lothar realms will join the Malfurion and Trollbane realms.
  • The Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether realms will join Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Company.

For EU on 5th August …

During a scheduled maintenance period (currently planned for 12:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. CEST on Wednesday, 5 August), the following realm connections will be made:

  • The Kilrogg, Nagrand, and Runetotem realms will join the Arathor and Hellfire realms.

The Lazy Goldmaker put it quite succinctly in a recent tweet ..

Tales from Gold Cap

u/Geezusotl posted a very interesting question this week ..

For those of you that have surpassed gold cap, at what point did you notice that your gold really started to boom and how did you adjust to keep that momentum?

u/Vahdis replied with some solid advice..

For me it was probably when I finally went and learned TSM and made myself some groups for my pets. The amount of time saved really motivated me to put more effort into it and be more efficient.

From there I realized it was mostly about using your time wisely and focusing on what works and looking at what doesn’t work. And more importantly it helped me stay interested and added an extra layer of being able to customize and make my own groups and operations.

The biggest thing to goldmaking is staying interested, it’s easy to make gold but it’s hard to not get burnt out and make it feel like a grind.

As does u/MrTyki

The more gold you get, the more time you realize you are wasting time doing certain things; you really start to refine the strategy that fits your time and best bang for your buck so-to speak. This experience also goes a long way in learning your markets for servers that you wish to make gold on.

You also start investing more gold at once which makes your gold grow faster obv, rich get richer so to speak.

At 55m Gold I can invest 5-6m gold at once and turn it into 10m+ with arbitrage. It’s like with anything when you only have 100k to invest you turn into 300k thats GREAT! but obviously slower as far as total gold is concerned.

The Key points that I want to make:

  1. No-one gets rich over night, if you talk to a goblin with a lot of gold then that means they have put in their time and effort into perfecting whatever strategy’s they choose.
  2. Invest your gold into the market, not your own pockets; AKA Buying mounts and pets for your collection. This is hard at first considering this is a game and people obviously play to have fun and collect.. etc; but over time once you build your “Empire” up you can start to be more frivolous.

I don’t want to get into writing a book; TL;DR: As you get more gold and refine your strats you have more gold to invest which = Faster growth

u/acathode shares what they learned over several expansions …

Around the time I hit the first goldcap – back in late WOTLK it was around 215k, it was a lot of money and a real milestone, and made you feel filthy rich since goblins and AH-playing wasn’t as common as it is these days (there were a few blogs and some podcasts about it)

Then again in Cata when I hit the new 1 million goldcap, that was when I really realized the goal of buying a spectral tiger was actually within reach (which was why I learnt to play the AH in the first place). It didn’t really make me adjust, rather the opposite – I was clearly doing something that was working, and more money just meant you had more money to invest – which in turn made bigger profits, keeping the “momentum” that way.

If you know you can buy raw mats, craft them, and resell them with a 10% profit, that mean if you invest 100k, that’s a 10k profit, but if you got enough to do a 500k investment, that’s a 50k profit… Obviously this doesn’t scale completely linearly, depending on how quickly your AH moves and also on competition and things like you need to post 5x as much product – but it certainly still scales, the more money you have, the more money you can make. Thus you “keep” the momentum simply by scaling your operations, when your bank account get bigger.

Obviously, you also learn the ins and outs of the AH, TSM, and how your market works as you go along, and by the time you’ve earned your first million you should realize that what you’re doing in one market can be done in a lot of other markets – thus most start diversifying. With more gold in the bank, you can afford having your fingers in more pies…

Another pretty important thing you pick up along the way is the importance of reading patchnotes, and realizing how changes and additions to the game will affect prices.

A BFA example would be when they added the daily warfront quests, that made it possible to turn in crafted stuff for Azerite – meaning the whole server suddenly wanted for example 15 of some crappy crafted uncommon gem of a certain color. If you kept on top of changes like that, you could’ve earned a ton of gold at the time. Another legendary event was Glyphmas, when blizzard made some major changes to how glyphs worked, meaning every character on the server suddenly wanted 1 of each glyph for their class…

I made 1 million gold during in 2-3 days just on glyphs – just because I knew the patch was coming and had stocked up… and this was the very patch that raised the cap to 1 million.

There are more wonderful examples and tips in the main post. If you are one of these gold cap makers, thankyou for sharing your wisdom with the community. Much respect!

Further Reading

Most of this information was discussed and originally posted on the /r/woweconomy subreddit or in the accompanying Discord Server. You can also catch me streaming live on Twitch on Sunday from around 7PM GMT UK Time (2pm Eastern Time) for the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up live on, or you can tweet your feedback/thoughts via Twitter at @SamadanPlaysWoW

I hope you found this useful and If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do say so in the comments below..

Until next time, Happy Goldmaking!


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