Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 166 | Goldcap, Rhinestone Sunglasses & Manipulating Markets

Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 166 | Goldcap, Rhinestone Sunglasses & Manipulating Markets

WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Hello! Welcome to the 166th edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

My name is Samadan and I am a content creator focusing on making gold using Professions and TSM. I have a number of guides over on YouTube and I also stream my adventures on Twitch.

Hitting Gold Cap

A couple of fellow gold makers hit the epic milestone of gold cap (just under 10 million gold) on one character and shared their experiences on the subreddit. First off, congratulations to both of them! It’s a fantastic achievement and makes for a great target to work towards.

First of all, I want to thank all the Goblins on this subreddit. Some of the information here was instrumental in my planning and organization to be successful in this endeavor.

Previous to this expansion I tried to get Long Boi through just reputation satchels across a few toons, and after crunching some numbers, I realized even if I did them nonstop for the next year I would never get enough money for Long Boi. I built up over 1 million gold, which was great, but nowhere near my goal. I decided for the next expansion I had a goal. 10 million gold. I WOULD achieve it.

I find gold making has two currencies in WoW. For example starcraft, you have several currancies: Minerals, gas, and supply. In Wow, those two currencies are gold and time. Sometimes the currency I choose to invest is gold. Sometimes the currency I choose to invest is time (which usually means farming). Early on I would farm to mitigate gold risk. I was worried that a good would drop in value greatly and I would invest a large amount of gold and lose the gold. So the currency I chose to spend was time instead of gold. But this had a side effect. Farming has value too! I quickly learned what the ‘difficult’ materials were to farm and that gave me insight into what would be higher price on the AH.

I did a lot of research in the few months leading up to the expansion. In some cases/areas I did enough. In others I was severely lacking. The one thing I read over and over and over was; get lots of alts. I went overboard on this as I transferred or leveled 9 toons on a single server (to 50) in preparation for the expansion. Partly this was to consolidate my gold, as I had 500k on some servers that I never intended to play on again. For MY playstyle and available time, I have found that I only NEED 6 toons on a server to maximize my productivity. Of those toons only 5 are level 60. (also I highly suggest not having your bank toon at max level, as you don’t accidentally use flasks/potions etc).

If I wanted to make more money, I definitely could level a few more alts for transmutes, etc. But my personal time is a resource. And that resource is scarce! I’ve found that @ 6 toons total, I am able to utilize my spare time effectively to make money. I have a house/job/life so my time in wow is limited. Even in covid times. If I had had more time, I would have leveled alts sooner and ground out more reputation for gold in things like blacksmithing (the 168 gear for example was a huge missed opportunity).

At the end of the day, I went too light on research on legendries before the expansion released. I didn’t understand it totally, so I didn’t understand the potential. I made it to gold cap fairly quick all things considered. But if I had understood the potential, I could have made a LOT more money.

Understanding how to use TSM and the Undermine Journal was critical in this process. Research via watching videos of goblin masters gave me some critical basic tools to make my gold. I wish I had spent some time in BFA learning to watch the AH to understand ups and downs of the market. Samadan’s basic videos on TSM are fantastic. One of these days I’ll watch the rest.

Finally, research indicated that a farming druid toon was critical to making gold in a new expansion. I found this to be very very very true. I went mining/herb.

The Process
I went through several phases in my gold making. I’ll break it down like this:

  1. Pre expansion. Selling leveling mats. See row 4 in the picture below.
  2. Expansion launch. Selling raw herbs/mining. In retrospect, I wish I had saved more of these for myself, but the capital was very helpful regardless.
  3. Leveled my first alt. Blacksmithing unlocked.
  4. Ran another toon through Maw and got enchanting/tailoring going. This was VERY expensive at the time to invest in this. Looking back though, it wasn’t bad at all cost wise. Row 10 in the excel picture.
  5. Leveled third alt. Alchemy & Herbalism. Stocked up for M+ and raid release.
  6. Entered the legendary market in Blacksmithing (just one lego. In case you didn’t know, lego is short for legendary)
  7. Leveled another alt. Entered the LW legendary market (just one lego there).
  8. BOE flips and Alch/Enchanting sales. Unlocked shadestone transmutes.
  9. Shuffling and Alch/Enchanting sales. TSM’s crafting tool is GREAT for enchanting.
  10. BOE flips and Texas storms. Also entered the ring legendary market. This was done AFTER I hit my goal.

I can go into a lot more more detail, but instead I’ll just post my day by day which I documented every day or so. Here’s the day by day.

Here’s the graph of my progress.

On average, my gold increased about 100k per day.

Final Thoughts
I’d say the majority of my profits were from Legendary sales. I mitigated the ‘risk’ of the price of the legos dropping out on me by farming all of the elethium ore, and half of the heavy callous hide. When I hit the legendary ring legos, I just bought all the ore and prospected it. My time had hit a point that it was more valuable than the time required to farm that ore up.

Alchemy is second on my gold making. And then followed up by BOE flips. Overall it’s a multitude of things and not just this or that. Every gold earned adds up.

All in all I’d say the most important things to make gold are:

  1. Watching the AH prices. Buy low, craft, sell high. Be willing to reset a market here or there if you see a cheap opportunity.
  2. Be willing to farm occasionally. But be aware, time spent farming is time lost elsewhere.
  3. Cancel scanning. It sucks, but a necessary evil.

One last thing to say, making friends with your fellow goblins is MASSIVELY helpful. I had one person sell me back a lego I accidentally posted at the wrong price. (I now use TSM instead of manually posting so this doesn’t happen). Also occasionally they will let me know when they are about to reset a price, so I can buy some mats. Be kind, don’t hold grudges, even though they **** you off with their cancel scanning, and be aware you’re ****ing someone else off with it too. It’s just a game at the end of the day.

Special thanks to Vynoir, Telleria, and Jonnytrump (even though he can be a pain to fight on cancel scanning) for being helpful and friendly in this process!

The excel rows:

The graph:

The end result:

Congratulations Sleepy_One and thankyou for such a detailed write up! There are more feedback comments and replies in the thread, so if you are interested I’d highly suggest looking at the thread on the subreddit.

Do not despair if your situation is different, these posts are always useful to inform and give ideas and inspiration. Start small, learn the markets on your server and grow from there.

u/drflanigan also hit goldcap this week and took several expansions to get to that point..

I just wanted to celebrate. It’s been a goal of mine for a long time and it’s finally happened!

I had a 33 alt garrison army in WoD churning out bags. I also offered a “Pathfinder” service, flying people to their 100 required treasures for 1k per treasure.

I had an enchanting vellum > obliterum shuffle in Legion, with mats gathered by offering to purchase peoples Blood of Sargeras through the mat trader.

I used Silas’ Sphere to pump out flasks in BfA.

And I used legendary items and the occasional BoE windfall in Shadowlands.

And today I sold my most recent BOE for 445k, pushing me just over the 10,000,000 gold mark.

I did it boys!

Congratulations to you drlanigan! Another awesome achievement!

Rhinestone Sunglasses Transmoggable in Patch 9.05

Interesting news to gold makers this week reported earlier here on Wowhead was that the highly sought after Rhinestone Sunglasses.

For those who may have missed the news on Wowhead, the Cataclysm JC crafted Rhinestone Sunglasses can be transmorg come Patch 9.0.5. You need a JC with Cataclysm JC maxed at 75 to learn the recipe. That’s the easy part…trying to obtain Design: Rhinestone Sunglasses I have read is not so easy. However, if you don’t already have the recipe and don’t want to be grinding hours, days, weeks, months or years(?) to get it you could make lots and lots of extra gold by selling/flipping the reagents needed to craft the Sunglasses:
x10 each: Volatile Air, Volatile Fire and Volatile Water

Hypnotic Dust

  • Can be disenchanted from Deathsilk Belt or Deathsilk Bracers. Either are made from 2 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth (x10 Embersilk Cloth) and 2 Eternium Thread. Note: DE yields 1-3 Hypnotic Dust OR Lesser Celestial Essence.

Dream Emerald

  • Can be prospected from Pyrite Ore, Elementium Ore or Obsidium Ore.

As an FYI there is no mass prospect in Cataclysm, but it is going to be the cheapest way to get the gems you need to level Cataclysm JC.

Of note by u/Vahdis ..

To clarify, they are usable for transmog in 9.0.5 but atm they have yet to make them BoE so you actually can’t learn the mog from them.

Hopefully they fix it before it goes live, but right now you can only learn the mog from the BoP version you can buy on the BMAH for 500k+.

Apparently they’re selling FAST right now, I’ve seen someone with the recipe making millions this week on a full pop server.

The hard part is of course obtaining the pattern to be able to make them and sell them should they be transmoggable. Many have searched long and hard in order to be able to get the pattern to drop to no avail.

Lazy Goldmaker’s Monelite Ore

Early on in the week, Lazy Goldmaker speculated that Monolite Ore was in dwindling supply due to it not being farmed so much now, yet was still in demand for crafting Light-Step Hoofplates and the Xiwyllag ATV. The news spread rapidly about a flipping opportunity here and many (including myself) took a punt and raised prices to see what would happen.

Interesting to see the quantity drop and the price spike over on the Undermine Journal

Look at the price spike right at the end. It just goes to show the power of word of mouth and people sharing “hot tips”. The Lazy Goldmaker shares his thoughts over on his World of Goldcraft Episode 123…

Further Reading

Most of this information was discussed and originally posted on the /r/woweconomy subreddit or in the accompanying Discord Server. You can also catch me streaming live on Twitch on Sunday from around 7PM GMT UK Time (2pm Eastern Time) for the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up live on, or you can tweet your feedback/thoughts via Twitter at @SamadanPlaysWoW

I hope you found this useful and If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do say so in the comments below..

Until next time, Happy Goldmaking!


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