Wowhead Now Hiring – Dragonflight Devastation & Preservation Evoker Class Guide Writers

Wowhead Now Hiring - Dragonflight Devastation & Preservation Evoker Class Guide Writers

Writer Opportunities

We are looking for two writers to create, update, and improve our initial Dragonflight Devastation and Preservation guides as well as write editorials about the continual development of this new class throughout the Alpha/Beta cycles and beyond. Guides will include information regarding talents, rotations, gear selection, consumables, and Raid/Mythic+ tips. Guide content must be kept up-to-date with the latest theorycrafting, as Evokers will likely undergo heavy iteration both pre- and post-launch.

Beyond updates for pre-patch and launch, you will be responsible for a wide variety of future patch content including new raids, systems, and ongoing Evoker development.

The candidate should:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Enjoy discussing and theorycrafting Evokers in Dragonflight
  • Familiar with Guide/Technical Writing
  • Provide theorycrafting and opinions on the latest development notes
  • Actively involved with the growing Dragonflight Evoker community
  • Enjoys explaining the class to other players through writing

How to Apply

Send us an email with the Subject ‘Devastation/Preservation Guide Writer Position‘ to containing the following information:

  • Current experience in Retail WoW
  • Your current Dragonflight Alpha status and experience
  • Your current involvement with the Dragonflight Evoker community
  • Writing examples ideally in guide/technical writing and/or editorial

The ideal candidate will be someone who is in touch with current Evoker theorycrafting and enjoys explaining the class to other players through writing. We will be reviewing applications immediately and will be in touch with strong candidates very quickly.

Feel free to send any questions you might have about this offer to our e-mail .

Wowhead – The Premier Source for Dragonflight News

Wowhead is the largest site dedicated to World of Warcraft information, providing quality information to the community and our vast viewership for over 16 years. Our comprehensive coverage of WoW includes not only an extensive database, model viewer, and up to date news, but also exhaustive guides on all topics. Our class guides are updated every patch with the latest systems and theorycrafting and our editorials help break down all the latest developments, so players know exactly what to expect on patch day.

We’ve enjoyed our time covering the Dragonflight Alpha so far and creating community tools such as our Dragonflight Talent Calculator. We’re very excited for Dragonflight to launch later in 2022 and hope you’ll consider joining our team!

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