Wowhead’s Dressing Room Receives a New Design Just in Time for Shadowlands!

Wowhead's Dressing Room Receives a New Design Just in Time for Shadowlands!

Shadowlands Dressing Room – New Look!

With this new layout, we’ve separated out the options by Gear, Character, Face, Accessory, and Body customization options. We’ve been able to highlight options that felt a bit buried before, like character animation poses and unsheathing weapons, not to mention things were starting to look cluttered with all the new Shadowlands customization updates.

At the bottom of the Dressing Room, we have a row of red buttons highlighting important things you can do, from importing a character to wearing a new transmog set. You can also pause your character mid-animation and easily hide the UI for great screenshots.

As an added bonus, you can now customize your Druid Forms in the Dressing Room too, as you will be able to specify them via the barbershop in Shadowlands.

We’ve enjoyed updating the Dressing Room throughout the Shadowlands beta for every wave of character customization updates as well as creative artifact options, and hope you find this update useful! If you need a refresher on any of the customization options found in the Dressing Room, check out the links below.

Blood ElfDraeneiDwarfGnomeGoblinHumanNight Elf
OrcPandarenTaurenTrollUndeadVoid ElfWorgenAllied Races

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