Wowhead’s Rocket Coloring Giveaway Winners & Staff Favorites

Wowhead's Rocket Coloring Giveaway Winners & Staff Favorites

Last week we hosted a giveaway requiring the community to submit a drawing/coloring of our rocket outline and you all really delivered! We received over 5,000 entries and so much talent and effort was seen in those submissions. It definitely brought a smile to many of us all throughout the week and we’ll be considering future giveaways with the same theme someday in the future. A reminder that the winners of this giveaway were selected RANDOMLY. No considerations were made regarding their artistic abilities. Images are listed in order, respective to the winners/contributors listed.

We have more beta keys to give out, so be sure to keep an eye on our site, Twitter and Discord to earn yourselves more chances over the next several weeks!


Staff Favorites

There were a ton of submissions, and we can’t list every single one we thought really stood out, but we wanted to highlight at least a few dozen here. We definitely encourage you to take a look at the whole gallery so you can pick your favorites as well! Thank you to everyone who participated, it was great fun for all of us!

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Contributors: Sepherane, Chaosprime, Casualidade, Stanlyelstelar.

Contributors: Fartknight, apocalipsas, Seskia, batfruits, wawr.

Contributors: devicat, taserak, Nzothbb, myrracle, BubbRubbilicious.

Contributors: permafrostvm, papallin, yukiza, necromandia, robbiealysia.

Contributors: scaryetta, ronobu, piocko, bananasaur, Eipril.

Contributors: noliana, nickdnl, spidon, vishikino, melmoxpro.

Contributors: yetizlasu, Blackcrowam, WatonConTetas, ExiledofHell, sicariuslol.

Contributors: Arael, Sillamat, Lenathepanda, estoykorok, Eybois.

Contributors: Rosethorn1, Wiyix, Angielolz, Lolacv, milenamarx.

Contributors: jecia, packofdax, Vordie, scrilladilla, Vamperr0.

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