Zul'Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir Soloed by Zeroji Over 76 Minutes

Zul'Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir Soloed by Zeroji Over 76 Minutes

The first half of the fight only took about 7 minutes, focusing on the raptor Ohgan while baiting out Mandokir’s spin to separate the bosses, so that Ohgan is attackable while the Bloodlord is kept out of line of sight to avoid dealing with his charges. Once the raptor is defeated, the real encounter begins – first waiting out the 90 second Enrage buff while using consumables to prepare for the next hour of fighting Bloodlord, but although it uses the same strategy and there is only one target instead of two, keeping Mandokir in line of sight becomes much more dangerous and the encounter is made much longer due to managing Threatening Gaze. Throughout it all, the Hunter’s pet is kept parked off to the side, to provide a target to keep the boss in combat while using Feign Death whenever the Bloodlord gets too close for comfort.

This bridge hopping trick is nothing new, abusing pathing to keep enemies running back and forth between the bridge and the water below, and is commonly used for farming strategies, though while it can be called a gimmicky way of defeating the boss, it also shows an incredible amount of patience and mastery – when one hit can take off half your health and the boss loves to combo charges, autos, and special abilities, one mistimed movement can instantly end a grueling hour long attempt. Despite using the relative safety of the bridge trick, there are also spots where you can still be hit, requiring constant repositioning throughout and a lot of extra time healing back up or waiting for cooldowns, prolonging the encounter and increasing the chance that something may go wrong. Missing a jump and landing in the into the water is also an immediate death sentence, or at best encounter reset. In all, this 1 hour and 16 minute kill was the culmination of over 6 hours of attempts that day and countless more over the previous week.

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