Zygor 1-80 Leveling Guide Review


Zygor’s leveling guide review
Zygor Guides, LLC


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  2. Like I said…I don't really know, but you should contact Zygor's support and pose the question there. He knows the ins and outs of the programming that went into the guide and I'm sure he can help you resolve you issue.

  3. it's unlikely that the guide has anything to do with your lag. The memory usage is minimal.

    You could contact zygor support to ask him if he's experienced anything like this before. Or use the repair utility in your WoW directory to clean out your install…a lot of times that will get things running properly again. Note that it will clear your addons out, so you'll have to re-install zygor's guide and any other addons / mods.

  4. @thew0wn00b
    its in game weeks not reallife weeks!
    if u log off it iwl not count as plaing so if u play 1min it wil show as 1min ingame time!

    and u wil see how much u have played! 🙂

  5. does this thing actually work as well as they say, im taking the trial becus i lvl rediculously slow atm, and im trying to get 2 more lvl 80s before the next expansion which shouldnt be hard if this is as good as people say

  6. foolio fails to listen XDDDDD btw i do have this guide, its a good guide!!! i like it, i dont need to flip through a book, its easy to understand, etc i recommand buying this guide 😀 or downloading it like alot of ppl r

  7. This is the best guide ever… the new features are really easy to use, and now this completely owns the world.. the money is worth it when you want to be the best, or to own your friends

  8. This guide is awesome! Ive used this guide for like 8 months now and i totally recoment this guide, it has made my leveling mutch faster! I got 4 level 80's and my personal record is 8days and 21 hours! This is really worth the money!

    Tip: Press the arrow button beside the X button to minimize the window, the guide will change step automatically…

  9. sorry..accidentally deleted that comment, to answer your question though.

    To get your action bar like that you simply need to increase your UI scale to the max, which is 0.64 if i remember correctly.

  10. yes, you pick up multiple quests when you first get to a questing hub then work through the quests one at a time. Except in cases where a single mob is providing multiple quest completions.


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