Zygor Elite World of Warcraft Guide: How It Works?


Zygor Elite:
Zygor’s new premium World of Warcraft guide service that allows even new players to experience all that Zygor has to offer on day one. Existing Zygor guide owners who already own all of their guides might be thinking, “Elite sounds great but i already own all of the guides, is Zygor Elite still a good option for me?”
With the upcoming WoW Legion expansion coming next year all of Zygor’s guides will be getting new content updates. In the past you could add this new content to your existing guides by paying an upgrade fee for each individual guide. However like all one time fee purchases, if you wanted to upgrade everything, the cost was very expensive. As a Zygor Elite member all upgrade fees are waived and the upgrade content is included as part of the subscription.
This means when WoW Legion is released, Zygor Elite members will be able to update the guides on Day One and receive all of the new content at no additional cost. Even better all future World of Warcraft expansions will be automatically included as well. In other words you’ll be able to experience true lifetime updates rather than just updates limited to the guides you’ve bought.
This is a great option for new and existing users as it will save you from spending hundreds of dollars upfront to upgrade for future expansions. With Zygor Elite all you have to worry about it paying the low monthly fee with nothing more to worry about forever.

Since the beginning of World of Warcraft, Zygor Guides have been committed to giving gamers more out of playing the game than they thought possible. Zygor’s detailed in-game strategy guides for WoW, combined with innovative and groundbreaking features have truly enhanced the gaming experience for hundreds of thousands of World of Warcraft players.
Now Zygor plans to usher in a new era of their WoW guides with their new service called Zygor Elite. Zygor Elite is a new premium membership option that will allow players to experience the full Zygor experience at a much more affordable price.
Visit the link below to enter to win a World of Warcaft pet or mount of your choice during the launch.

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