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Stop using a bunch of confusing and time consuming 3rd party WoW Auction House addons and check out the new Zygor WoW Gold Addon now at Zygor’s World of Warcarft gold and auction guide is an extremely powerful tool all on its own, Zygor likes to go the extra mile and make things as easy and automated at they can be. With Zygor’s WoW gold and auction guide they have done this by adding a suite of inventory management tools that will help streamline your gold making experience.

In order for Zygor’s WoW gold and auction addon to work you will need to scan the auction house so your servers unique conditions and pricing info can be gathered and analyzed. There are a few third party addons that can do this but Zygor’s auction addon has all the scanning functionality built right in. Simply speak with any auctioneer and the addon will automatically scan the auction house to give you the most up to date accurate and reliable results.

When it comes to selling items on the auction house the game offers no help in determining which items you should sell or what price to sell them at. Zygors inventory management tool will handle all of this for you. Simply drag the items you wish to sell into the posting slot and the guide will automatically price your items for you. If you make changes and you need to check your pricing again simply click the appraise button to update the info. Zygor’s gold guide will undercut the competition by 5% or you can adjust these settings in the options. For times when you need to buy items from the auction house, Zygor’s inventory management tools will provide you with a handy shopping list. You can click the items to quickly perform a search and the guide will even pinpoint lower priced deals for you by placing a gold icon over them.

Once you start using Zygor’s WoW gold and auctions guide your mailbox will be overflowing with purchased items and gold to collect. With Zygor’s mail tools, collecting and sending items quickly will be easier. Simply go to any mailbox and click the z icon to open the mail tools. Here you will see all the items and gold you have to collect. Rather than having to manually open each letter and collect your items you can select all and with one easy click, collect all of your items in seconds.

One of the best tips for making gold in WoW is to create a bank alt. To do this you simply create a brand new level 1 character and run them to the nearest major city. That way when you are out in the world farming items and your bags fill up you don’t have to run all the way back to the capital city and unload your goods. Simply mail your items to your bank alt and head back for more farming.

Using World of Warcraft’s default mail sender leaves a lot to be desired. You have to manually go into your bags, find the items you want to sell and drag them over to the attachments slot. You also have to re-enter the name of the recipient every time, which is annoying if you are always sending to the same bank alt. With the sender view of Zygor mail tools, all of your send-able items are presented in a clean easy to browse list and all farmed items will automatically appear at the top. All you have to do is check which items you want to send, select the recipient and click send. The sender will remember the last person you sent to, making it lightening quick to send items to your alt.

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