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Zygors gold and auctions guide was built to cover the 5 best methods to making gold in World of Warcraft, which are gold runs, farming, gathering, crafting, and auctions. While developing the guide Zygor knew that players preferred some gold making methods over others so they divided their gold guide into 5 sections, allowing you the freedom to choose exactly what activities you want to do to make gold. In this video we want to talk about the beginner gold making methods, which are great for players who just want to jump right into things and start making gold quickly. Lets take a look. gold runs. Gold runs are great for players who want to make gold without needing professions, skills or much money up front. Within this section, you’ll find a collection of mini guides that cover an assortment of ways you can make gold including daily runs, which will take you through an optimized set of daily quests with the highest gold rewards. This method is great for players who enjoy quests and who want to make the most gold doing it. Similarly the transmog runs are great for folks who prefer to run dungeons. These guides will take you through the best dungeons that drop the most popular gear for transmogification purposes. Another option is tilling runs, which allow you to use the tilling mini game to harvest valuable items to sell on the auction house for a profit. Although gold runs are not the most profitable way to make gold they do offer a lot of variety and can be more fun and less tedious than other methods of gold making. The farming and gathering sections will guide you through collecting valuable items found throughout the world which you can then sell on the auction house. The farming section focuses on items dropped from mobs such as cloth, elementals, food, or gems. This is great for players who want to farm without having to level a profession first. In the gathering section you can use your herbalism, skinning, or mining skill to farm herbs, skins, or ore. Both sections will list out all the most popular and profitable items for you to gather based on the unique conditions of your server. Once you have found an item you would like to farm, just double click it to instantly load the guide and be taken to the best place in the game for farming that item. You can change what sort of items are shown using the mode and filter settings. In easy mode, only items that are likely to sell very quickly are shown, while expert mode will show more items but some of them may expire and require you to repost them a few times before they sell. Gold runs, farming, and gathering require little to no upfront cost or skill to use. You can just pick the top items for your server and farm and sell for a profit. You are pretty much guaranteed to make lots of gold and for most players this will be enough. But once you’ve accumulated a sizable amount of gold you will also have the option of exploring the more advanced crafting and auctions sections.
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