WoW Classic Expansions up to Today


WoW, managing to stay relevant since 2004 and serving as a model for future titles, is
regarded as the crown jewel of the MMORPG community. Moreover, gamers worldwide are
familiar with WoW; they have either played it, are currently playing it, or are considering
joining the mix. Because the game is well-known in the gaming world, no introductions are

So naturally, such fame entices gamers to try their hand at this video game behemoth to
satisfy their curiosity. This article will showcase all of the expansions that were introduced
and are currently live for Classic World of Warcraft.

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Expansions in WoWC

World of Warcraft rewarded its player base with many expansions since its inception, with
many more coming to this day. Thanks to neat game mechanics, an immersive story, and an open-world experience unlike any other, WoW attracted millions of gamers that left their
marks on Azeroth.

Despite WoW Classic being obsolete in 2022, its expansions live on and are sparking interestin old players as well as those who have not yet had the chance to begin their journey amid the war between the Horde and the Alliance. Further, we will introduce the four Classic Expansions released up to this point.

Shadowlands (2022)


Shadowlands debuted in 2020, introducing several innovations like class tier sets, the
updated progression system, new content, etc. In addition, Shadowlands received Chains of Domination and Eternity’s End expansions. To ‘pass’ Shadowlands, players had to defeat
Jailer, the final boss.


Many dungeons have been added to Shadowlands as it is story-driven, allowing players to
focus more on the PvE side of the game. Later, players could try joining guilds to tackle
dangerous dungeons more easily. This expansion delivered on balancing and creative
aspects and is considered the starting point of WoW’s rebirth by many.

The Burning Crusade Classic (2021)


Released in 2021, TBC re-introduced the old-school feel of the game and added various
updates that polished the PvE aspects to help with leveling. In addition, TBC was a significant
breakthrough for Jagex as it introduced changes that helped discourage players from
bannable in-game actions such as boosting and botting.


The Burning Crusade Classic was a much-needed refreshment that emphasized story and
rewarded player progression. It was also brutal in grinding and completing quests, but it did an excellent job engaging players by creating a rigorously dangerous environment. Players could enjoy the attention to game mechanics, the quality of game effects, and the fact that TBC created a sense of missing out if not picked up.

Season of Mastery (2021)


Once players jumped from Classic servers to the newly introduced TBC realms at the time,
Jagex decided to give some love to the old servers with the Season of Mastery expansion in
2021. The expansion brought significant changes that impacted raiding tremendously. Upon
the discontinuation of SoM servers, accounts had to be transferred to the WotLK classic


With SoM, Blizzard incorporated various features, from hardcore mode, raid boss overhaul
to Group Tool, and no world buffs during raids. Apart from a number of additions, the most
notable was the 100% experience boost that allowed casual players to enjoy the game
better. Additionally, this iteration of Classic WoW featured 40-player raids that have been
difficult to fill up due to the small raid player base as world buffs removal during raids and
buffed raid boss changes were introduced.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic (2022)


WotLK is the most recent expansion that made its way to live servers this month. This Classic
version features a long-awaited Lich King and a slew of updates. With the expansion, the
Lich King story, considered one of the finest in the universe, will finally end. Additionally, the
expansion brought the level cap from 60 to 70, offering current and old players to get back
on the grind.


The Death Knight class has returned with the expansion, allowing players to experience the
classic version of the class and old-school WotLK. Since this expansion is story-driven, players
can expect slower gameplay with less stressful content. Those interested in discovering more
about WoW’s story should opt into this expansion.


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